Ice Cream Cookies

ice-cream cookies

Iced cookies look so spectacular on a party table and seeing as it was an ice cream party we were having for Miss 10 and the dessert was ice-cream I had enough time to make my own iced cookies. It’s probably only about the 6th time I’ve made my own decorated biscuits but making these ice cream cookies was so much fun.

waffle cone cookies

We found two different sized ice-cream cookie cutters and decided to make 6 big cookies and then I made about 30 of the smaller ones (10 of each 3 colours).

decorating cookies Bridget Edwards

I used the same cookie recipe I usually make which is from Sweet Sugar Belle however I tried a new royal icing recipe from the above book called “Decorated Cookies” by Bridget Edwards. The recipe had corn syrup in it as well as the icing sugar and meringue powder. This made it a lovely consistency similar to marshmallow or meringues when you make them and it piped out with a lovely firm edge which was great for outlines and the waffle cone details.

ice-cream party cookies

The only problem I had with it was probably due to the very humid weather. I made the mint ice-cream biscuits first and they seemed to dry fine. After testing the consistency I decided that I preferred the icing a bit thicker than smooth flooded icing consistency so that it looked more like real ice cream on top of the waffle cones. The yellow and pink icing too a lot longer to set than the green.

My cookies are improving every time and just like a lot of new skills it’s all about practice. I just wonder if the normal royal icing I make would have turned out differently with such humid conditions.

how to decorate icecream cookies

They still tasted great and the kids loved them. I’m just sharing my experiences with you so that you can learn along with me. I’ve got to say that the red riding hood cookies were my best yet and probably a favourite as I designed them myself as well.

The other designs I’ve made were the super hero cookies, Valentine’s Day love cookies, Hello Kitty and these simple letter/stars cookies.

Have you made iced cookies before? What royal icing recipe do you use? How did you learn? I’d love to hear your stories too.

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