Ice Cream Lolly Bag

icecream loot bag

These are the fun ice cream lolly bags I made for my daughter’s Ice Cream Party. Cute hey?

icecream party lolly bags

I’ve had these wooden cones which I purchased from Donna Hay’s online store for ages waiting to use them for the right event. Donna has some really fun items you can use for parties and events. We filled the insides of the cones with Trinity’s favourite lollies that she picked out at the supermarket.

ice-cream cone loot bags

Using one sheet of tissue paper I scrunched it up in my hands to form a ball to look like a scoop of ice cream on top of the cone. To hold it in place I cut out a circle of cellophane and placed it on top of the tissue paper long enough that it came down past the cone. Then I used some coloured elastic bands to hold the cellophane over the top of the ice cream and keep it in place.

icecream cone lolly bag

Picking out some of the party colours I made ice cream lolly bags in three colours and co-ordinated the elastic band colour to match.

kawaii ice-cream cone

This super cute ice-cream cone decorated the wall above the lolly bags. We found her on the Silhouette online store along with the words below.

ice-cream party posters

Both designs were .99cents each and looked fantastic cut out and stuck on a 12×12 inch piece of coloured scrapbook cardboard.

ice-cream loot bag

I found some great perspex ice cream stands on eBay however I decided to go with the cheaper option of using my cake decorating icing stand that I already had and it worked a treat.

I love creating fun and creative lolly bags and you if you’re looking for some ideas you can see some more over in the Parties category.

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