Ice Cream Party

Ice cream party table

We had an ice cream party for our daughter’s 10th birthday and it was so much fun. Such a great age, lovely friends and just some plain old fashioned fun. She wanted her friends to sleep over and have a swim so we decided an ice cream party was a fun little theme to decorate a party table with.

I love the party poster my husband created! I stuck a decorated ice cream cone on a headband and we had a fun little photo shoot in front of a plain white backdrop. The type he used looks fantastic don’t you think?

icecream party table

As everyone was going to be eating so much ice cream she decided that she didn’t want a cake as well.

ice cream party food ideas

I used the time that I’d normally be decorating a cake to make some decorated cookies which turned out really well. The crochet ice cream cones I made a few weeks ago decorated the party table as well.

On her first birthday we had meringues so I always make sure we have them for her birthday. It reminds me of when she was a little 1 year old! The cute ice cream cone lollies were found at the $2 shop.

help yourself ice cream party

We set up the party sort of like Yogurtland if you’ve ever been there you’ll know what I mean. There was a selection of ice creams and sorbets and then cones, lollies, wafers, popping candy, freckles and other treats to load up on top of your ice cream. They could choose to either use an ice cream cup or either a waffle or normal ice cream cone.

ice cream choices at ice cream party

I used an old baby bath to hold the ice cream in by filling it with ice cubes. From left to right the flavours were – cookies and cream from Yogurtland, strawberry lemonade gelato from Yogurtland (her two favourite flavours!), homemade mango sorbet, homemade mint choc chip ice cream (another one of her favourite flavours) and some plain vanilla.

ice cream toppings like yoghurt land

It was so funny watching the kids try and load up their ice creams with so many toppings. They really loved being able to put whatever they wanted on top with no limit of how much. Not like when you go to Yogurtland and you’re trying to tell them to keep it to a minimum as you pay by weight so the more heavy lollies on top the more it costs.

ice cream party cup

I had to try some too and this was my creation! I knew I was going to need some energy with 10+ girls to look after on my own.

ice cream party clothes

I found some cute ice cream tshirts at Target so her sisters and brother were all wearing matching tshirts. Birthday girl picked a maxi dress in gelato colours and I did her hair up in a high bun however didn’t get a photo before she changed into her swimmers and they all went in the pool.

It’s great having a collection of pre-made fabric buntings in different colours as I just pull them out for a party and then pack them away to use another day. Love that.

ice cream party prizes

There seems to be lots of ice cream related stickers, pens and toys around at the moment being summer so I picked up a few from the dollar store and Target and used them as prizes for a couple of party games that we played.

pool party fun

Most of the party was spent like this though! In the pool. I had my work cut out for me watching them all like a hawk. They all played in the pool so nicely together and just had a ball. Seriously love having a pool now and it is so great for entertaining the kids and adults alike.

Trinity's icecream party

After about 5 swims and changing back and forth into clothes in-between each swim and some pizza for dinner it was finally time to start winding down by watching a movie.

party movie time

We set up blow up mattresses and everyone brought along their own pillow/ sleeping bag and I decorated the room with more homemade buntings. As you can imagine getting all the kids to sleep at the same time proved to be very difficult however it was school holidays so nobody was too stressed out about getting to sleep early! I slept downstairs on the sofa so that I could be near to them and keep an ear out. I did wake up at 2:30am and could still hear talking!

ice cream party ideas

Another fun party and theme. Low cost, low stress and very enjoyable. When we decide on a theme it all seems to just come together so easily and themed decorations and ideas just burst out of me. I’m sure the kids feel this way too but I just love parties!!!

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