Mend It Monday 2015


Wow! I can’t believe I made it through a whole year of Mend it Mondays! Well besides one funny story which I’ll tell you about in a minute.

So if you’re new to this idea this is what it is all about…..

Being keen on sewing, I was forever being asked to fix or mend something for someone and to be honest it’s not the most exciting thing to do. I’d much rather start a new knitting or crochet project so I decided to motivate myself by making a commitment each Monday to mend something. I’ve been mending something for the last year and it’s given me a great sense of accomplishment. There was always this guilty feeling when I saw the pile of items in my craft room waiting for me to repair them. Not anymore!

mend it monday week 8

I’d love for other people to get involved in the project and luckily I’ve already had some wonderful people join in with me by mending something on a Monday and posting a picture on Instagram along with the hashtag #menditmonday  

The more people that join in the more fun and motivating it will be. If you post your Mend it Monday picture on either Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag ( #menditmonday ) you automatically come up on my “Mend it Monday” blog feed page. If you tag me in your picture too I’ll know about it a lot sooner.

mending it on a monday

I’m not claiming to be perfect and sometimes I’ve had to do my mending a day early or later on in the day however one time I was caught out. I posted that I fixed a big crotch rip in my husband’s shorts and I got distracted and didn’t get them done. Well my husband wore them to work that day. He has two jobs and one is doing sports photography for the NRL during the season. I got a call from the sidelines of his Monday night footy game that night wondering why the gaping hole was still there! We had to laugh and ever since then I made sure that I actually fixed what I said I was fixing. I imagined him being caught on live tv with a tackle right in front of him and a the world getting a nice view! haha

fixing kids toys

It doesn’t have to be always something that you sew back together. I’ve used many Monday’s to fix a toy or glue one back together too. The main object is to reduce that large pile most people have of items to repair by just getting the job done so that they can be used again and stop cluttering our lives.

fixing buttons

Anything from fixing buttons on clothes…

mending the bbq cover

Repairing the BBQ cover…

making a long sleeve top into a short sleeve

Making a long sleeve top to short sleeves…

mending a toy #menditmonday

To mending a toy.

Some lovely Instagram friends that have already participated are – Rebecca (@naigee_dart) who has done the most days with 5 in total which is pretty good for the mum of a newborn, Amy (@flowerflame) who has joined in 3 times, Marni (@frankiesfabrics), Billie (@knitstar3000), Emma (@emma_hickling), Jonie (@knotsewnormal), Katie (@xoxkatienanaxox) and knitting designer Georgie (@tikkiknits).

So all you need to do to join in is: –

  • fix something
  • post a photo on Instagram
  • use the hashtag #menditmonday
  • tag me @craftsmumship over on Instagram so that I can see it (if you’re not following me on Instagram you can find my profile here)

So, who is going to join me sometime in 2015?

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