Pretend Food

collection of knitted & crochet pretend food patterns

I’ve mentioned on here before that my kids love playing restaurants and it’s still the case. Over the Christmas holidays I made an effort to make some new pretend food items for their toy kitchen. I’ve found some great patterns so far which I’ll share the details of below. I created this collage above in case you want to add them to your Pinterest boards. If you hover over the image you should see a little “pin it” button appear in the top left corner which you can click on to add it to your Pinterest.

crochet cookies

I found this great selection of knitted and crochet play food on Ravelry from Jeanette of Bottletop Boy.  First up were these “Jammie Dodgers”. They look like yummy chocolate biscuits with different jams on top. Is that what they are? Are they yummy? Must be a UK cookie as I’ve never heard of them before however they looked too yummy not to make.

knitted choc chip cookies

Next were these classic knitted chocolate chip cookies / biscuits using some Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino yarn from my stash.

Knitted cakes

These swiss roll cakes were not in the collection but another pattern you can purchase from the same designer. My mum used to buy us these cakes as kids so I really wanted to make these. I love how they were constructed, such a great little pattern.

crochet eggs

These crochet eggs looked perfect too so I added them to the making list. I haven’t finished on the pretend food front yet, I’m still on a mission and there are so many great patterns on Ravelry. There are a few others from Bottletop Boy that I’d like to make too like these sandwiches.

The kids still play with the knitted doughnuts I made back in April last year and then there are the crochet ice creams I made for our recent ice cream party. We’re building our little collection slowly but surely.

Do you have someone who’d love to play with them? Have you found some great pretend food patterns?

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