Pop Tape Notebook

pop tape craft

Have you heard about or used Pop Tape? I was lucky enough to be gifted my first roll this week at a Spotlight Bloggers Event (I’ll share some more details of that with you soon) and knew it was going to be a hit.

magical unicorns pop tape

There are 21 different designs to choose from however when I noticed the pink tape with unicorns there was no other option for this mum of 3 girls!

making a plain notebook pretty

I had this plain notebook at home waiting to be decorated. When I removed the front sticker it ripped the cover so it was always going to have some sort of decorative new cover made for it.

pop tape craft ideas

Pop tape is kind of like gaffa tape except with less stick. You can rip the tape to break it in a easy straight line however I preferred the neater edge scissors gave me for this project. As washi tape is so popular and used in so many ways I’m sure Pop Tape will be popular too.

It was as simple as lining up the unicorns around the notebook and then once it was all covered I used scissors to get a neat edge. You could just fold the tape around to the inside of the notebook however I wanted it to sit perfectly flat so opted for a scissored edge. Afterwards I just rubbed my hand over the tape to make sure there were no air bubbles.

making a pop tape notebook

The possibilities are endless and hopefully they will come out with more colours and designs too. These notebooks would make a great party gift with a little matching pen.

I love writing lists and making notes so I can never have too many pretty notebooks although I know my girls are going to fight over this one so I might have to make two more.

Such a quick and easy craft that the kids would love to do as well so maybe I’ll actually get them to make their own.

Have you used Pop Tape before? What did you make?

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