Two Tier Nappy Cake

two tier nappy cake

You might remember a while ago I made a nappy cake for a newborn baby gift. I must have done a good job as my husband’s work asked me to make another one. This time the brief was for a two tier nappy cake in red and white for a little 1 month old baby girl.

muslin baby wrap

After purchasing the nappies the next thing to do was to find some fabric to make a muslin baby wrap with. Surprisingly I managed to find the perfect fabric at Spotlight so purchased 1/5 mtrs to make a nice sized wrap with. As a mum of 4 I can tell you that ones only a metre long aren’t big enough to wrap a baby in properly. It’s very easy to make a baby wrap by just cutting off the selvedge and overlocking all 4 sides, then turn the edges under twice and straight stitch around for a beautiful homemade baby wrap. Not only are they great for wrapping baby up in, they are also fantastic for using to ad add a bit of shade to a sleeping baby in a pram or if you need to make breast-feeding more discreet.

hooded baby towel

To wrap around the top layer of the nappy cake I made a plain white hooded towel and then added a fun red bias binding edge to it. Similar to these hooded towels that I’ve made previously except without the embroidery this time.

crochet washcloth

Then I crocheted a little red cotton washcloth like these ones I made many years ago. The free online pattern to make your own can be found here.

how to make a nappy cake

On my last nappy cake blog post I gave instructions on how to make one if you’re interested you can find the link here.

For this cake on the bottom layer I ran two lots of 30 nappies sideways around a cardboard pole and then for the top layer I used 27 nappies facing straight up so that the top layer was taller. As the baby was a bit older I though they may already have a brush, nail clippers etc like the last nappy cake had so I included two dribble bibs, the crochet washcloth, large muslin baby wrap and the hooded towel as the gifts besides the nappies of course.

newborn gift ideas

To finish it off I added some pretty red and white ribbons in different widths to wrap around the “cake” layers to help hold it in place and saved some of the spotted ribbon to use on top of the cellophane that I wrapped the whole cake in once it was finished.

homemade baby card

Then I made a little matching red baby card on my Silhouette Cameo to write their message on and it was all finished and ready for delivery.

Apparently it was very well received which is always great to hear.

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