Fake Book Storage Boxes

decorated storage box book

Today I’m sharing a fun way to decorate the fake book storage boxes you find at the $2 shop. Have you seen the different sized boxes that look like a book however open up to a little storage compartment?

little red riding hood party invitation

When we created our invitation for Giselle’s Red Riding Hood party by having a little photo shoot with her wearing the crocheted red hooded cape it turned out so well that I mentioned it looked a bit like a storybook cover. That’s when the idea pinged in my head to actually turn it into one and use it to decorate the birthday party table.

decorating a fake book box

I purchased this one with the co-ordinating spine to use for a pretend red riding hood book. You can use PicMonkey or a similar photo editing site to create the book title words over any picture you have. When you are taking the themed picture just keep in mind to take a few photos with enough blank space around your subject to enable you to have room for the title of the book to be placed on to it.

Then measure the cover of your book box to know what size you need to print the photo. If you do not have a good quality photo printer at home you can always get your picture printed at Officeworks or the like for a pretty reasonable price. Once it’s printed then it’s just a matter of using some glue (I used Aquadhere) to glue the photo onto the front of the box.

Decorated fake book boxes

My daughter still uses her red riding hood storage book box so we decided to make another one last year for her Alice in Wonderland Party. The invitation picture didn’t suit this time however we took a sweet photo of her in her homemade Alice costume and once again created the text over the top to make it look like a book cover. Our bigger printer wasn’t working at the time so we printed the photo as two parts and then joined them up neatly so you can hardly notice the seam.

If you don’t have a “storybook” photo suitable it’s always fun to dress the kids up and have a photo shoot. It would be so cute to make one for a new little baby and fill the box with little presents or turn it into a memory box where you store the kids special certificates and 1st drawings.

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