Sewing Projects For Kids

fabric tray

I’m lucky that one of my three daughters is showing a keen interest in everything crafty. I have metres and metres of finger knitting all over the house however I have been wanting to teach her my first crafty love which is sewing.

We started with a few sewing activities from the web like a sewing maze where she could practice sewing straight lines by following a printed maze pattern on paper. The only problem is there is not much to show for this afterwards besides a piece of paper with lots of holes in it. There is nothing quite like actually making something and even better if it’s something that is both pretty and useful. I found the perfect first sewing project for kids with this sweet fabric tray.

first time sewing project

Basically it is just two squares of fabric with some iron on wadding in between. To help show her where to sew and to help the lines stay straight I used a fabric chalk pencil and a ruler to draw some straight lines on top of the fabric as guides for her to follow.

kids sewing lessons

I watched her closely yet let her do it all herself. I’m just always worried that little hands will get too close to the needle so  I kept an eye on that side of things.

She absolutely loved it and wants to make another one so it was both a satisfying and enjoyable project for her.

teaching kids to sew

Besides sewing the squares together and then turning them right side out she had to use the sewing machine to sew two lots of stitching lines around the square. She managed to do this really well for her first ever proper time at sewing. She is 8 years old by the way.

teaching kids to sew buttons

The button jar was tipped out and great delight was had by picking out 8 matching buttons that she liked. I knotted the thread as she was having trouble with that and then helped hold the buttons in place so she could sew through the two buttons and the fabric at the same time.

kids sewing projects

There you go a perfect first sewing project for kids. It sits at her new vanity table as she loved it too much to give to anyone. She said that she wanted to be able to see it still and if she gave it away she wouldn’t be able to. So you don’t need fancy sewing lessons to teach your kids to sew and create. All you need is some time, patience, pretty fabric and a willing participant.

Have you taught your kids to sew? What was their first sewing project? Now I’ll be thinking what to make with her next.

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