Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Backpack

Ninja Turtle Backpack

Kowabunga! I’ve finished my son’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle backpack. That was an epic project dudes. When I found the “Little Turtle Backpack” on Ravelry it went straight on my wish list and supplies were gathered back in October last year. I started making the hexagon crochet squares on November 19th and it has been an off again on again project ever since. I remember this so well as I mentioned it in my interview with Mel from One Crafty Mumma in October so I felt accountable to actually make good on my crafty project promises.

turtle shell crochet backpack

It’s even had a few planes rides with me trying to get it done however when it came to sewing in all the ends and joining the hexagons and triangles together I hit a project block. Then when I went to pick it up again I realised I needed more yarn so that put a hold on things too. Finally I found the determination over the last 2 weeks to get it completed and I’m so happy I have.

The pattern is good however I found the instructions not entirely clear for me and sometimes I couldn’t work out why they were that way like ending the yarn but then starting again close by so I kind of adapted it as I went along roughly following the 11 pages of instructions.

turtle zippered backpack

I used a zip for the top opening of the backpack and split my yarn to only 2 strands so that I could hand sew the zip in with the same thread.

crochet turtle backpack

Having read on Ravelry that a few people made the straps too long I made them a little smaller as it will stretch although I probably could have made them a tad longer in hindsight. I’m going to add 2 snaps to the top edge of the shell and attach it to the straps so that it sits better too.

homemade TMNT backpack

The main thing though is that my little boy absolutely loves it and hasn’t stopped wearing it since I finished it yesterday. He even took it to pre-school today and when his water bottle was in the bottom it sat a lot better. Being cotton yarn and crochet it will always have a tendency to stretch and flop about yet I think that is what my son likes about it. He can wear it on his back and be a ninja turtle without being inhibited by a big plastic shell! All up a fun project that your kids will love and he already got 3 comments about it at the park when we were taking these photos!

You’ll find the Ravelry details for this project here.

So my little batman is now a totally awesome ninja turtle dude. Love it!

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