Zentangles with Sandi Benskin

Sandi Benskin - friendship

Being a crafty Mum I have a few crafty friends and with this new “Friend Ship” series I’d like to introduce you to some of them and hopefully share some new ideas and crafts with you. First off I’d like to you to meet my lovely friend Sandi.

After studying design many years ago Sandi’s career evolved into creative recruitment for the advertising industry. And with this corporate job all her creative pursuits fell away. However she always doodled while on the phone with clients. Last year during a particularly stressful time at work she started exploring more with the doodles and discovered it had a name. 



Zentangles are a way of drawing detailed images made up of repetitive patterns. Apparently doing Zentangles increases focus and creativity.

Sandi started uploading her pictures to Instagram and the amazing response was no surprise.

staedtler fineliner pens

Using different thicknesses of pigment liners she slowly and carefully builds up the patterns within the pictures to create the most amazing creations.

how to draw zentangles

A few people have requested her to create different designs for them and Sandi also won a competition for an arts sharing page called Arts_help when she created an amazing logo design for them.

zentangle tree

Sandi makes it look easy however she is extremely talented. I only wish I’d taken a closer photo to show the amazing detail in her drawings that take many hours to create.

creating your own zentangles

Recently she decided to submit her work to Society6 which is a website that helps artists around the world by producing products featuring their art and ships it directly to you on behalf of the artist. You can find her store here where you can purchase anything from mugs, canvas prints, tote bags, iPhone cases and even wall clocks.

create the change zentangle

This is one of my favourites as I love how the lettering pops out of the design.

pug zentangle

You can also follow Sandi on instragram here.

Have you tried to Zentangle before? It looks like it would be very relaxing.

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