Easter Egg Cosy

free easter egg cosy pattern

Today I have a super quick easter craft for you, a knitted duck/chicken easter egg cosy.

crafty creatures by Jane Bull

The pattern I used was from a book called Crafty Creatures by Jane Bull however if you can’t find a copy of this book I found a very similar pattern on Ravelry (link here) which is free.

knitted egg cosy

I used some Moda Vera Beetle from Spotlight and it knitted up pretty quickly with 4.00mm knitting needles. Once the shape is made use the long tail to sew the edges together. My 8 year old daughter actually sewed them up while I knitted more.

easter egg cosy

We picked 3 colours to make our egg covers which fitted over a medium to small sized egg. If you used different weight yarn or needles then you could fit different sized eggs inside them.

knitted duck egg cosy

We used chocolate eggs however you could also use the plastic eggs that open up and then fill them with tiny speckled eggs or something similar. The ribbing at the bottom helps to stretch and fit the egg inside the body and then holds it inside. We used a little bit of stuffing to fill the head and another tiny bit for the tail before putting the egg inside.

knitted easter egg holder

Then it’s just a matter of cutting out a little diamond shape out of some orange felt and sewing it on to the head through the middle of the diamond to make a beak before sewing on some black beads for eyes.

easter duck egg cosy

These would be very cute for the kids to give their best friends for easter or for a teacher or neighbour. Pity we’ve had such a crazy week or I could have made more to give as gifts. They will just have to look cute on our kitchen table.

I hope you have a lovely easter and get to fit in some fun easter craft on your own or with the kids.

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