Lalylala Lupo the Lamb

Lalylala Lupo the Lamb

Meet “Baba” my eldest daughter’s new homemade toy. She was complaining that she was the only one without a toy made by me and promptly sat down at my computer and picked out this pattern. If you have not seen them before the patterns are by Lydia Tresselt from Germany and called Lalylala’s – this one being LUPO the lamb.

Lalylala crochet toys

The patterns are fantastic and there are 15 different crochet animal patterns on Ravelry to choose from. My other favourites include a mermaid, kangaroo with joey in her pouch, rabbit, dragon and vampire bat. There is a discount if you purchase 3 patterns.

crochet bobble stitch

The pattern is worked from the feet up, then you join the legs to start the body and crochet all the way up to the top of the head. The only parts needing to be sewn on are the two arms which is a fantastic way of doing things if you’re like me and don’t particularly enjoy that part. She took a little while to make as I used a 2.25mm crochet hook and all the wooly bobbles over her body and cap take some extra time however give the sweetest texture.

crochet lamb toy

As I was making her during the school holidays it was a bit hard to concentrate and somehow I misread the pattern and missed 11 rows off of her head. When the cap didn’t fit I discovered the errors in my work and fixed it straight away. Luckily they were the rows above the eyes which I’d already put in otherwise that might have been harder to fix.

Lalylala doll patterns

Playing a bit of yardage chicken with the grey yarn and running out held things up a bit too. Luckily Morris & Sons quickly sent my order of some more yarn to finish Baba off. The wool I used was Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino which is a 5ply in white and dark grey.

The pom poms just finish her off so sweetly. I really recommend this pattern and look forward to making another Lalylala soon.

Have you made a Lalylala before? If so which one? Put a link in the comments below so I can take a look as I love seeing the different colours everyone uses.

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