reupholster a stool 1024x682 Reupholserting

My Mum and Dad bought the girls a sweet little dressing table that I had seen on sale at HomeArt as they are closing down. I remember my Mum having a dressing table when I was a little girl and I loved to sit there and play with her jewellery and makeup. We decided to get the little stool that matched the table even though I wasn’t really fond of the fabric on top however knowing that I could do some reupholstering.

upholstery covered stool 1024x682 Reupholserting

Seeing as our three girls have two separate bedrooms there was a bit of heated discussion about where it would go so to compromise it is in the hallway outside their rooms. I felt the fabric was a little old fashioned so I removed the screws  holding the top down to the base of the seat to enable me to reupholster it.

reupholster a fabric stool 1024x682 Reupholserting

I found this silver upholstery fabric at Spotlight and purchased 70cms just to be safe that I had enough to cover the stool and tuck under the edges as of course I forgot to measure it before my trip to Spotlight! There is some left over fabric that we could make a little coaster with or perhaps some fabric trays to match.

changing the upholstery on a stool 682x1024 Reupholserting

As it was a new chair it didn’t need new wadding so it was just a matter of recovering it. I have a nice heavy duty staple gun that I’ve had forever and it actually plugs into the wall. The main challenge I found in reupholstering chairs was not having enough hands. You have to put quite a bit of pressure on the staple gun as you pull the trigger so that the staple inserts properly into the wood beneath whilst pulling the fabric tight. My staple gun is going to get a bit more of a workout today as I’m reupholstering my neighbours dining chairs for a party she’s having on Saturday. I might share a photo on Instagram if you follow me over there.

Have you even done any reupholstering?

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