Simplicity 2369

spotlight fabric dress

I’ve made another dress! I’m committed to sewing more clothes this year and I was getting a great rhythm until the weather turned cold and my crochet hook and knitting needles came back out.

It takes time to find great patterns and it’s always a bit of an guess if you’re going to like it after you’ve made it. I had a lot of success with my “summer jazz dress” and loved the fabric and the pattern which always encouraging.

Spotlight poly spandex knit fabric

This fabric caught my eye at Spotlight and being on sale helped entice me to purchase some. It is a poly spandex knit which is quite thin and slippery which makes it a bit of a challenge. Always up for that though I set to work making a wrap dress with it.

Simplicity 2369

The pattern I chose after looking through all the pattern books was by Simplicity 2369. I made the wrap dress “A” the longer one however I left the angel sleeves like top “C”. The whole dress does not wrap just the one side of the upper bodice which made matching the pattern easier.

homemade wrap dress

There was a purpose behind this dress and it worked well. I made it to wear to the Spotlight Bloggers Event that I went to in Melbourne last month. I wanted to make a dress out of Spotlight fabric to be noticed in the sea of bloggers when meeting the Spotlight team. They did recognise “their” fabric and I was actually given some extra samples to make some more clothes with which was a very nice surprise and reward for my extra efforts.

It’s a really comfortable dress to wear and I actually have a nice coral jumper to wear with it and it looks great together as it matches the coral patterns in the fabric.

Do you sew many homemade clothes? I love the satisfaction it gives me and whilst making these dresses recently it took me back to my younger years when I used to sew all of my own clothes. I’d love some other great pattern recommendations if you have any?

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