Yorkshire Rose Cake

fondant flower cake

It’s been a while between cakes for me. This is my latest creation a yorkshire rose cake. I made it for my dear friend and neighbour who was hosting a party at her house for her mother in law’s 80th birthday. As you may have guessed she comes from Yorkshire in England.

fondant covered flower cake

My neighbour baked two 8 inch caramel mud cakes (using this recipe) and delivered them to me to create this cake with. I made some dark chocolate ganache and cut each cake in half so that the cake was made up of four layers with ganache in-between each layer. Then I covered the whole cake in white rolled fondant as best I could with the sudden humid weather and running out of cornflour to deal with it. Another kind neighbour rescued the day and made a quick pitstop at the corner shop for me before dropping my child home who had been with her for a play date. Then I waited till later at night for the weather to settle down. It’s always harder to see the imperfections late at night so not as desirable as making it during the day. School holidays always makes it hard to create during the day anyway.

rose cake close up

I found a picture of a yorkshire rose on the internet and printed it off to use as a template to cut out the petals shapes. I used a leaf cutter with an embosser to make the green leaves and stuck them all on with a little bit of water.

By poking the end of an icing tip into a circle of yellow fondant I created the pattern for the centre of the rose.

2D rose cake

Some yellow ribbon around the bottom of the cake and on my cake stand and it was all finished. 2D cakes are a lot quicker and easier than the 3D ones nevertheless they can be just as beautiful. This would make a lovely Mother’s Day cake if you’re having a celebration with your mum or this style could be used for many different kinds of flowers not just a yorkshire rose.

What flower would you pick for the top?

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