Accessory Emergency by Sarah Cole

Accessory Emergency by Sarah Cole

You may remember my post about Sandi and her amazing Zentangles well today I have a new instalment in the Craftsmumship “Friend Ship” series.

Meet my friend and soon to be Sister in Law Sarah Cole! Sarah lives in Melbourne and designs and creates some amazing jewellery. In the picture above Sarah wears one of my favourite designs which is a silicone neckpiece. Having studied and practiced visual arts (mainly painting) Sarah moved into industrial design which has influenced the style of this silicone piece greatly. She enjoyed the effect of playing with perspective and this design is an ode to the illustration exercise called tumbling cubes (drawing many cubes at different perspectives). Other influences include OP art and retro computer graphics as well as Japanese kimono, yakuta silks and Japanese pattern making in general.

teal silicone neckpiece

This statement neckpiece is made from medical grade skin safe silicone which is hand cast and comes in a small run of limited edition colours. The current editions are light lime yellow, white and above shown above in my favourite colour teal (I was lucky enough to receive one for my birthday this year and absolutely love it). The Silicone pieces were intended to be really easy to wear and very durable (you can wear them anywhere, including the pool ) while not compromising on aesthetics.  It’s supposed to be a fun modern item with maximum impact , definitively a statement piece.

3d bracelet

Sarah has an Etsy shop which you can find here and The Something Different Shop in Hawthorn also sells some of her fabulous creations. You can also keep up to date with her new designs on her blog here.  These are some new 3d printed bangles which are pretty amazing.

Accessory Emergency - Card Designs

When Sarah is not designing accessories she enjoys hand drawing patterns for her Gocco printer, which then gets printed onto fabric. She is also using a  die cutting machine (fully digital variety) to create complex die cut lamp shade designs and a few card designs while exploring its full capabilities. While having great respect for handmade/crafted products Sarah tries to stay hands on however she also enjoys using modern equipment as it allows testing of so many more options compared to hand cutting everything.

3D print experiments - Accessory Emergency

Sarah works for a rapid prototyping company so will also often create 3d products utilizing a 3d printing techniques to create complex designs for lamps and accessories that are generally 1 off pieces. In the future she would like to explore shoe making and dreams of purchasing a small CNC machine for home to help in creating custom cast  products, including some new neckpiece designs.

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Sarah from Accessory Emergency and seeing some of her amazing designs. I’m very excited to welcome her into our family when she marries my older brother next year.

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