As We Go Stripey Blanket (Cushion)

As-We-Go Stripey Blanket

I admit defeat!

This my friends is a blanket I was making however it is not a blanket anymore it is a cushion. I started this project in January last year and was making good progress while enjoying the different crochet stitches to learn. Something happened and I’m not exactly sure what it was but I lost the love for this blanket. It kept being moved around my craft room and more and more time passed between rows on it so I finally admitted to myself the truth that it would probably sit there for another year unless I took some action by turning this negative into a positive.

I’ve finished a cushion cover! haha

As We Go Stripey Blanket

The yarn I chose was some Moda Vera Beetle in these five colours.

Crochet as we go stripey blanket

This project came on many a car trip. I remember this day over a year ago driving to Sydney for our friend’s wedding at the Botanical Gardens.

not your average crochet

The pattern is called “As-We-Go Stripey Blanket” by Hannah Davis of Not Your Average Crochet and originally this was a weekly “crochet along”. She gathered the inspiration for this blanket pattern from Julie at Little Woolie with her mixed stripey blanket.

crochet striped cushion

As much as I enjoyed learning and creating the different striped patterns like the shell stitch and bobble stitch etc it became a bit of a difficult project for me as I couldn’t memorise the whole pattern and just when I’d memorised a stitch it was on to the next. Situations changed and other projects came to the top of the list and before I knew it a year had passed and no new rows had been added so I thought it was better to turn it into something useful like a cushion cover and move on.

as we go stripey cushion

It’s a great pattern with clear photographic instructions and it would make a lovely blanket or if you’re like me a fabulous cushion cover. As it was originally meant to be a blanket all I had to do was fold the long ends in half and join the three open sides around a cushion. I think it will live in my son’s room with all the blues in there however it does looks good in the seat I’m sitting in right now too.

Have you ever lost interest in a large scale project and turned it into something else? I’d love to hear from others who have done the same as me. I don’t feel bad about it as it makes quite a nice cushion cover. Kind of funny really. Ravelry details are here (and evidence of when I actually started this project). I’m off to Ravelry now to go and mark it as completed so I can officially start something else. Haha

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