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mother's day crochet message embroidery hoop

I’m so excited to be bringing this post to you for Spotlight. They have sponsored me to create this fun Mother’s Day project which I’m sure you’re going to love. Below are all the details to create your own “you are loved” crochet message frame or even one with your own special message for your Mum.

list of materials for crochet message frame

List of materials you will need:-

  • fat quarter of marble blender / tiedye blender quilting cotton or a 50cm x 30cm piece your chosen fabric
  • an oval embroidery hoop (200mm x 380mm)
  • packet of Moda Vera Mini yarn (pictures is bright mix of 100% cotton)
  • 4mm crochet hook (and ability to do a chain stitch and single crochet)
  • 50 x 30 cms of interfacing
  • darning needle
  • pins
  • tailor’s chalk

you are loved embroidery frame

Iron your fabric flat and then press on your preferred interfacing to add some strength to the quilting cotton fabric. Using some tailor’s chalk mark out the shape of the embroidery hoop on the top of your fabric using the actual hoop then cut out your shape allowing an extra 6cms around your hoop outline to fold it around and to the back. It’s a good idea if you can to overlock the edges of your fabric with an overlocker so they don’t fray whilst your making the project.

Now you have your area outlined use some tailor’s chalk to write the words onto the fabric so you have a template of where your message will go. Using a piece of string line it up over the top of each word one at a time to get a measurement of  how long to make each piece of crochet cord.

creating a crochet message

Make 4 lengths of crochet cord in 3 different colours (the capital “Y”  and then the “ou” were 2 separate pieces of yarn).

To create each cord chain stitch a length of your Moda Vera mini yarn to the measurement you need then single crochet into the second chain from your hook and each following chain until you reach the end. Fasten off and weave in the ends.

For example my letters/words were made up like this: –

  • Y – 34 chains to measure 23 cms
  • OU – 50 chains to measure 30 cms
  • ARE – 71 chains to measure 45 cms
  • LOVED – 106 chains to measure 70 cms

Obviously everyone crochets at different tensions and may also write the message at a different size so these numbers are a guideline for you. The great thing about your finished cord is that you can actually stretch or scrunch it up to help make the letters fit best.

Once you have your lengths of crochet coloured cord place them out on top of the chalk outline and using pins poke one end in to hold them in place where you need them. The Moda Vera yarn is made up of 4 plys (4 thin pieces of yarn twisted to make 1) so separate a length of yarn back to only two strands so you have perfectly matching yarn thin enough to use to sew your letters down onto the fabric.

embroidery hoop ideas

It’s not hard to sew down just a little fiddly so take your time and adjust the cord as you go to make sure your words are readable. The back of your work should look something like this after you’ve sewn down each of the letters/words.

Crochet words

Using the same yarn makes it nearly invisible from the front and the handmade crochet cord gives a lovely texture to the project.

crocheting an embroidery hoop

Make another long crochet cord to sew to the edge of the embroidery frame by creating a length of 146 chains and then doing a single crochet in the second chain from the hook and every chain until you reach the end. Using a length of yarn and a darning needle sew the crochet cord you made to the front of the outer hoop by sewing through the top of each single crochet and then around the wooden hoop until it reaches all the way around. You can create a hanger at the top by making another cord and attaching it to the top of the hoop. All that is left is to weave in the ends and you’re done, ready to gift the hoop on Mother’s Day.

crochet words frame

If your Mum has some favourite colours you can use those of personalise your own message however it will look more striking the shorter the message so the font can be as big as possible.

It’s going to be a rainy weekend here in Sydney so perfect for you to pop on over to Spotlight to grab your supplies and then have some fun stitching your own crocheted message embroidery hoop for Mother’s Day next weekend.

What other message would you like to create?

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