Kaleidoscope: Paper Taking Shape

etsy craft party 2015

Etsy asked me to create a DIY using their theme “Kaleidoscope: Paper Taking Shape” and this is the project I came up with. Every year Etsy has a “Craft Party” which is a celebration of meeting and making. On Friday the 5th and Saturday the 6th of June people around Australia and the world will come together to create their own works of art under this years theme.

Etsy Craft Party_Facebook_image

There are a number of free parties on those dates so check out the details here and see if there is one near you otherwise you might like to organise your Own Craft Party or create your own paper DIY project to join in the fun making something at home like the one I created.

coloured scrapbook kaleidoscope paper

Here are the instructions for you to make your own Kaleidoscope framed picture.

Materials you’ll need are: –

14 or so different coloured papers, scrapbook paper or coloured cardboard
3/4″ paper punch
plain black or white card to mount your shapes onto
picture frame in your preferred size
glue or sticky dots
small 1cm square heavy cardboard template (explained in detail  below)

cutting paper squares

Using your 3/4″ square paper punch you need to punch out about 8-10 squares in each coloured card.

folding squares technique

Out of thicker cardboard cut a 1cm square piece to use as a template for the folding technique. As pictured above place the cardboard template square on top of each coloured card square and use it as a guide for where to fold in two sides of the square before you remove the template to use as a guide to fold the next piece.

kaleidoscope squares mock up

Continue until this is done with all of the coloured squares that you punched. It will take a while to do and you can choose to be as precise or as rough as you like depending on your available craft time.

creating a kaleidoscope picture frame

Once you feel you have enough lay down your backing paper and then the outline of the matt board from your picture frame so you know exactly the space you have available to start laying down your folded square coloured shapes. I started with four in the very centre and then worked my way out trying not to have two of the same colour close together.

etsy craft party 2015 kaleidoscope

One by one using a glue dot on the back of each piece stick each coloured paper piece onto your backing paper. You can also use a glue stick if you don’t have glue dots however I found this a quick and neat way to stick them on without leaving a mess on your backing paper.

kaleidoscope paper taking shape

Stop whenever it feels enough to you. There is no right or wrong way just what looks good to you. Then all that is left to do is place it inside your frame and remove the glass so that the folded squares can lift up and give more dimension which is the key to making these paper squares look like a Kaleidoscope.

Are you going to an Etsy Party? Last year more than 8,500 people took part in these parties so hopefully I’ll see some of you there as I’m attending some in Sydney. Otherwise I’d love you to try and make this Kaleidoscope picture and show me how yours took shape. You can use the hashtag #craftparty to join in on social media and check out other Etsy Craft Party pictures.

I’m always up for a party especially a craft party and I hope you are too!

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