Madelinetosh Mobius Cowl

madelinetosh mobius cowl

Today I’d like to introduce you to my Mum Brenda who is wearing the Madelinetosh mobius cowl that I knitted for her. I’ve mentioned on the blog before how my mum was a keen knitter however after she needed a partial shoulder reconstruction 10 years ago she does not do so much knitting. Even after her operation she still struggles with her shoulder and can’t raise her right arm up above her head. When I showed her the mobius cowl I knitted last year she kept hinting that she’d love one as it was the perfect pattern for her as it slips over her head easily without the need to lift your arms up and adds a lovely layer of warmth over her chest and shoulders.

madelinetosh flashdance

When my Mum visits I love taking her up into my sewing room showing her my yarn/fabrics and telling her of all the ambitious projects I’m trying to squeeze in. It is such a special time with someone who appreciates craft and understands me. Without any crafty friends like me living nearby it’s great to talk about all things craft. Anyway my Mum ooohhhed and aaahhhhed when she spotted this Madelinetosh (Tosh Merino DK) hand dyed yarn that I’d purchased in a colour named “Flashdance”. Cool name hey? It’s 100% super wash merino wool and comes in a 206 mtr skein that you have to wind into a ball before you knit (I used 2 balls for this pattern). So in love with the colour and unbelievably this was my first time using Madelinetosh yarn.

The pattern calls for a 10ply yarn however I used this 8ply and 5.0 & 5.5mm knitting needles instead of the usual 4.5 & 5.0mm ones that the pattern suggests and the sizing came out perfectly for her.

knitting gifts for mums

Mum is visiting at the moment to help me with some babysitting over the weekend and to stay for a Mother’s Day BBQ on Sunday. I gave her the gift early as she’s never been one to wait for actual days plus it’s a bit of a combined birthday gift. The downside for all the Mums with birthdays in late April!

chiaro mobius cowl

There is no more thoughtful a gift than handmade, every stitch is knitted up with love and all the time you have invested in making it. I loved knitting something for my Mum after all the things she knitted for me growing up. This is a great pattern and a fantastic travel knit as there is enough to keep you interested and not too much that you can’t memorise what comes next. A perfect Mother’s Day gift, birthday present or both!

Has anyone else knitted something special for their mum after years of your mum knitting for you?

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