Yellow Nappy Cake

yellow nappy cake

The latest nappy cake I’ve made has a yellow and white colour theme. You may remember the red and white nappy cake from February or the blue nappy cake which included tips and tricks to make your own. This is for a sweet little baby girl with the cutest name – Frankie.

creating a nappy cake

Often the colour choices are governed by what fabric I can find so when I found the cute white muslin fabric with little bees all over it at Spotlight that decision was made then and there. I picked up  1 and 1/2 metres of the bees muslin and some plain yellow to sew up two baby wraps. Trust me that one metre is not wide enough to wrap around a baby and the wraps are perfect for wrapping around your layers of nappies to make it look neat.

nappy cake construction

This is a little behind the scenes photo showing you how the cakes are put together. Keep hold of those long cardboard tubes like the ones inside your foil or glad wrap as they make the perfect pole to use when layering your nappies and give it structure. At the bottom I use a cake board and for this two tier cake the cake board is 10 inches wide.

baby gift ideas

I included a couple of yellow washcloths, some nail clippers, scissors, hairbrush / comb and a rubber ducky for a bit of fun at the front under the large ribbon.

girls crochet ruffle bib

To add a bit more homemade love into this nappy cake I crocheted a yellow ruffle bib using some Debbie Bliss Cotton DK yarn. This is such a sweet pattern by Linda Permann which you can find in her book Little Crochet: Modern Designs for Babies and Toddlers.

ruffle baby bib

It’s a great book and I’ve made this bib before (blogged here along with my son as a baby wearing the boys bow tie bib) and quite a few projects from it.

creative baby gifts

The bib offered the perfect covering for the top layer of the nappy cake with a the soft yellow of the yarn.

nappy cake baby gift

Here it is all wrapped up in cellophane ready to be delivered. I hope all these nappy cakes are inspiring you to make your own for a new baby gift. They are lots of fun making and choosing the items to include and they can be as elaborate or basic as you need. Have you made a nappy cake before? I’d love to hear what you included in it.

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