Etsy Craft Party

Etsy craft party create your own artwork

On Saturday I attended an Etsy Craft Party in The Rocks Sydney after being involved in a Kaleidoscope project for Etsy I was determined to attend a craft party myself. I had a lovely few hours child free to attend the party, make some art, meet some of the lovely Etsy staff and soak up some creative goodness at the markets.

etsy craft party

There were some fantastic events all over the world so I hope you got to attend one too.

etsy craft party supplies wall

This craft party had to be easy enough for all ages and be able to handle a lot of people throughout the day from midday to 11pm. There was a supplies wall with a beautiful selection of triangle sticker sheets and then cardboard art for you to decorate with with the triangle stickers.


There were stations set up for your to work your creative magic and join the global celebration.

etsy anniversary

There was an Etsy cart set up next to the DJ booth for later in the evening and a celebratory cake for Etsy’s 10 year anniversary which happens in 10 days time.


After picking up the kids I came back with them to visit the craft party again after realising how child friendly it was. As well as making your own individual artwork you could add some stickers to the big #craftparty wall.

etsy craft party sticker wall

The kids enjoyed adding their triangle stickers to the craft party wall which had filled up a lot since the morning when I first saw it.


The perfect craft for everyone to get involved with.

etsy stalls at the rocks markets

Outside I visited the Etsy stalls with some amazing creations. It seriously amazes me sometimes how creative people are. Very inspirational.

ena and albert etsy shop

I loved this Ena and Albert Etsy Shop with beautiful polymer clay beaded necklaces and bracelets. Too pretty to leave them all there so I did purchase a bracelet for myself!

etsy market stalls

These artworks were at another one of my favourite stalls Fizzy Lime Creative and I picked up some art cards for my collection. Love the lampshade too don’t you?

We finished the day having a look at the Vivid Festival and then walking back across the harbour bridge which the kids had never done before. What a perfect day. Did you make it to a crafty party? Have you been to one before? I’m definitely going again next year.

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