Framed Party Invitations

fun party invitation ideas

We have put quite a bit of creative effort into our party invitations over the last few years so it seemed silly that they were now sitting in a cupboard somewhere.

hallway decorating ideas

The hallway between my sewing room and the bedrooms was pretty plain and boring so I decided to print out the best of our party invitations to date and then purchase some reasonably priced picture frames from IKEA to create a wall of framed party invitations.

invitation frames

Such fun memories that I thought would be great for the kids to see outside their bedrooms and remember some super fun times together. Above you can see the Red Riding Hood Party, Hello Kitty Party, Ice Cream Party and our Batman Party invitations.

hallway decorating with frames

Then there is the Alice In Wonderland Party and Pool Party from a couple of years ago.

framed party invitations

I need one more frame for that little space underneath the pool party for a portrait frame with our Princess Party.

birthday party invitation ideas

The great thing about this is collection of frames is that there is room to add to the wall with more party invitations when they happen. We are planning our next party at the moment for our little boy who will be turning 4 this month. That is if he doesn’t keep changing his mind!

What do you do with your party invitations? Do you keep them in a memory box? We always post one to ourselves and that stays in the kids memory boxes as well.

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