Why I Should Be Happy My Son is Turning 4 Next Week

Ziggy for Zenon

It’s my only son’s 4th birthday next week and I’m sad that my last baby is growing up. All the cliche feelings you get as a mum when you realise your little child isn’t that little any more. Gone are the days of sleepless nights, changing nappies and breastfeeding. I miss those days, I was good mothering a baby and I loved it. I want to tell you though why I should be happy my son is turning  4 next week.

He is getting older. He is still with me and there are others not so fortunate to say that. Take my dear friend Mel. She lost her son at 22 months to SIDS/SUDI (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome & Sudden Unexplained Death of an Infant). Just stop for a moment and try and imagine what that would be like. It’s too hard isn’t it? One morning you wake up and they are gone. Just gone. Your world is changed forever and there is a permanent hole in your heart.

quilt from baby clothes

I remember those dark days trying to be a good friend to Mel and her family but feeling so helpless. In the end when she was ready she came to me and asked me for help with a sewing project. She wanted to give me all of Cooper’s clothes to cut up and make a quilt. That was one of the hardest yet most rewarding quilts I have ever made and probably ever will make. Finally I felt like I was helping my friend.

mosaic quilt

There are ways you can help too. Today is Red Nose Day and I ask you to celebrate your children getting older by donating today for “Red Nose Day”. In Australia each year over 3,000 families experience the loss of a baby or child. We can help SIDS and Kids continue to save babies’ lives and support families by donating. I’m going to the shops today to make a donation and purchase some red noses for the kids so we can all take a moment to remember our beautiful friend and angel Cooper (pictured above in a mosaic quilt ) and to spare a thought for others not as fortunate as us.


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