Why Knitting and Crochet Is The Ultimate Yoga

knitting at the craft sessions

Being International Yoga Day today it reminded me that there has been a bit of talk lately about knitting (or crochet for that matter) being the new yoga. I know it really calms me down and has a meditative effect a lot like yoga does for many. I’ve done a bit of yoga on and off over the years however not very seriously. I do know that I have enjoyed craft for a lot longer and it really helps centre me particularly after the stressful days of mothering.

quilting a quilt

Of course quilting, cross stitch, weaving and embroidery can also have the same calming effects.

It’s like a yoga of the mind with the repetitive rhythmic stitching and counting actually releasing serotonin in your brain. Finishing knitting projects also gives you a feeling of great satisfaction and enhances your self esteem.

worldwide knitting in public day

I was actually interviewed by Tara Darlington for my first podcast recently over at Empowering Motherhood Radio and we talked a bit about this very subject (Tara is also a talented yoga teacher, educator and mother of 6). Take a look at her site and join her Facebook page there are some great podcasts which may help empower and inspire you through your mothering journey.

knitting at the craft sessions

Knitting is extremely relaxing and great for reducing stress and anxiety. Another benefit is the way it can connect people who belong to knitting or crafting groups. Knitting as part of a group resulted in giving crafters higher feelings of happiness and connectedness.

african flower crochet

Studies have shown that regular participation in social or leisure activities like knitting and crochet were associated with a lower risk of subsequent dementia as they are less likely to develop memory loss which often leads to dementia.

I believe knitting is not just the new yoga… it is the ultimate yoga. Do you knit, crochet, quit or craft regularly? Does it make you feel more relaxed? Do you find one craft more relaxing than others?

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