Chicken Jumper Pattern

chicken jumper pattern

Just when you thought you’d seen it all along comes a chicken in a jumper! Cute chick hey? I think the colour really suits her.

We purchased a few hens from our local CRT on their chicken day. They have a guy come with a great big truck full of hens for you to buy for your coop/farm. They were about 20 weeks old when we got them so a little while off laying eggs. I’m not sure what type of chickens we even got but they are a beautiful range of colours. Even thought they have grown a fair bit and are older they were still not laying eggs and it’s probably due to all the cold weather we’ve been having. So I knitted a chicken jumper!

chicken coop

The pattern is called Chux Tux and is free over on Ravelry if you’d like to make one for your girls. Originally the pattern was designed by Laughing Hens for some rescue hens that didn’t have many feathers left. There is an option for an extra piece that sits on top of the jumper/sweater like a bit of a cape which is knitted in seed stitch but I didn’t think ours needed that. The chux tux sits under their wings and they can still fly as you can can see from my photos.

Fresh eggs from our chickens

We kept some of the chicks from our son’s preschool after the kids had watched them hatch and they are growing up quickly too. With our 4 hens and then 7 chicks we’ll be back up to the number of chickens we had before the local foxes took them. We have a fox light now so hopefully we won’t be feeding foxes, just collecting nice fresh acreage eggs. I’ve missed having our own eggs and hate having to buy them from the supermarket! We usually have lots to give to friends and neighbours too so I’m sure they’ve missed us having chickens.

chux tux chicken jumper

The jumper is actually a bit big or the yarn is a bit stretchy for her. Perhaps it’s even the fact that she is still pretty young and will grow bigger. If I get a chance to make some more I’ll make them a bit smaller next time.

Would you or have you knitted a jumper for a chicken? What is the strangest thing you’ve ever knitted? This has got to be right up there for me! Ha.

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