Cross Stitched Wicker Storage Box

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decorated storage box

I have a fun DIY project for you today where you can create this cross stitched decorated storage box. Perfect to contain some cosmetics in to brighten up your bathroom, some craft supplies or it would be great as a gift filled with lots of little presents for someone special.

Wicker box and yarn supplies from Spotlight

The basic supplies you will need for this project are all found at Spotlight. You’ll need a wicker box which you can find in the homewares section of your local store and some yarn. I just love these mini Moda Vera packs of yarn and I used the 100% cotton bright ones for this project however feel free to choose what colours suit your decor or style best.

Spotlight wicker box decorating

You will need a hardy darning needle so you can fit your yarn through the eye of it and some graph paper to help you sketch out your design. This is the heart design I came up with and I decided to use red and teal. Any simple cross stitch design would work so personalise yours with whatever you like. Perhaps a star, rainbow, frog or even a pacman would look great in the right colours. A simpler design works best for this project though.

cross stitching onto a wicker basket

Depending on what size box you pick you’ll need to count both across and up / down to work out a middle point for the lid of your box. Then start stitching over the wicker just like a normal cross stitch. In the above picture you can see how the wicker almost looks like knitted stitches and each cross stitch you do from your graph should go over a set of these stitches. That way you are stitching into a gap in the wicker so you are able to sew through the wicker fairly easily. It’s pretty forgiving so if you make a mistake it’s easy to undo and start again as the stitches are so big.

cross stitch decorated box

I used at knot at the back and as my teal went around and then met up with the beginning point I was able to just knot the two ends together to keep the yarn secure. It would be a little hard to weave in the ends underneath the lid and not necessary as it still ends up fairly neat. Carry on with your second colour and fill in your heart shape with your oversized cross stitches to complete your design.

wicker box cross stitch

You can decorate the edge of the lid of the box too to finish off your DIY and there you have it – a cute way to decorate a plain wicker storage box.

Do you like cross stitch? I do and find it very relaxing, back when I was pregnant I would cross stitch all the time. Have you ever cross stitched something unusual before?

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