Minc Foiling Machine by Heidi Swapp

Minc Foiling Machine by Heidi Swapp

Hello! Today I’m sharing an exciting new craft purchase of mine. It’s the new Minc foiling machine by Heidi Swapp which I noticed on sale at Spotlight over the weekend so snapped one up for myself along with some extra foil colours and a little labels pack to get me started.

Heidi Swapp Minc

The Minc machine by Heidi Swapp allows you to add foils to your print outs.  It’s a neat slimline machine which is very easy to use. You have the choice of either printing your own design with your laser printer at home or purchasing some of the pre-printed designs to put through the foiling machine.

at home foiling machine

So “let’s do this” for the first time. I watched a little YouTube video to give me an overview as I fit into the category of “I hate reading instruction manuals”. Much easier to learn visually however there is not much to know really, even the kids can do it. I’d know as my 4 year old son “helped” me with this.

Ok, so while trying to unroll my roll of teal foil something annoyed me. I hate it when they feel the need to put an overly sticky sticker on the edge of a roll to hold it down. Trying to get this off proved very difficult and wreaked the foil in the process which is an unnecessary waste really.

Foiling machine

Once I got over this hiccup we cut a little rectangle of the very pretty teal foil slightly bigger than the design I was using. The machine comes with a carrier sheet which you open up to put the paper and then the foil on top (right side up) before closing the carrier sheet. Make sure it is all smooth and there are no lumps or folds before you gently feed the carrier sheet into the Minc machine until the rollers take hold of it to help the sheet move slowly through the machine. There are 5 heat settings and we used a 3 with good results.

foiling at home

You can foil many designs at once inside the same carrier sheet it’s just a little harder to make sure everything is smooth as there are more elements to move around. Extra carrier sheets of different sizes are available for purchase as the machine only comes with a 12 x 12 inch sheet, so if you are only doing small designs it takes a while for the big sheet to feed through.

created your own foiled cards

I mentioned that my son “helped” me with the foiling and that is probably why I didn’t always get perfect results. If there is any fluff on spots on your carrier sheet or design with will spoil your design. Can you see the black dot at the top? The machine works by making any part with black ink become covered in foil. Therefore if you have ink where you don’t want it or something, like fluff, covering your printed area that will stop it being covered with the foil. Lesson learnt.

DIY foiling

If you have a whole page of black printing you can keep the foil paper that comes off after you’ve done a design and re-use it to make a reverse foil. These designs seem to good to waste so I’m going to try that when I fill up the black toner in my printer.

foiling from your laser printer

I tried to print my logo and foil it with mixed results as my black toner is nearly empty. Kind of cool effect though do you think?

What do you use a foiling machine for I hear you ask? Anything really but I’m going to make cards, labels and tags mostly. I think anyone who loves glitter would love a bit of foil in their life too!

Would you use a foiling machine? What would you make with one?

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