Rainbow Bunting

triangle rainbow bunting

There have been so many rainbows showing up in my life lately. All over Facebook, in the sky last week and remembering our little rainbow friend for Red Nose Day. It sparked me onto making a rainbow bunting for my daughter’s teacher. I help out in her class with reading groups every week and noticed that the classroom was a tad bare compared to some of the other Kindergarten & Year 1 classes so I offered to make her something to decorate the classroom with. When I asked what colour she’d like she said “rainbow”.

rainbow fabrics from Spotlight

Using a Spotlight voucher I purchased a bundle of 12 rainbow coloured fat quarters. Buntings are very easy to make, quick to sew and make the perfect gift. I have a great collection of buntings that have been sewn over the years. They have been great to pull out for parties and my own pretty rainbow bunting decorates my craft room.

bunting triangles

Ironing the fat quarters is the first step before cutting out the triangles. As they come folded up it takes a bit of steam ironing to get them nice and flat. 6 triangles fitted out of each of the 12 colours of fabric to enable me to cut out and make 36 triangles in total.

room decorations

This made it a nice length which should be able to go from one side of the class room to the other. I sewed the triangles, turned them out and then pressed them again before sewing them on to a length of orange bias binding.

Helping out at school has made me realise what a difficult job it is to be a teacher and I can honestly say I have a greater appreciation for them. I love making the teachers gifts for end of year, presents, baby gifts, helping them mend classroom items for my #menditmonday and making rainbow buntings to brighten things up for the teachers and kids.

rainbow bunting

Have you made a bunting before? Do you help out at school with reading groups or canteen? Can you think of a way you could add a bit of rainbow in to the life of one of your kids teachers?

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