Shrink It Bracelet

DIY Shrink it bracelet

You may have seen this picture already if you read my post “My Day” which I wrote as part of The Kidspot Voices of 2015 competition. I had a beautiful day at the Avoca Beachside Markets with Miss 10 and I wanted to share a bit more about this stall that we fell in love with – Charlie 22 Get Creative run by Charlie!

Charlie sells DIY craft and jewellery kits for you to make like shrink-it bracelets, dreamcatchers and nail art to name a few. You can find Charlie and her crafty stall at the Avoca and some other markets as well as at her online Etsy shop. She was so lovely and we had a great long chat about living on the coast, kids, blogging and markets.

shrink it yourself bracelet

I love the creative packaging she uses for her kits with cool brown cardboard “food” packaging like this hamburger box. Cool hey?

Trinity wanted to buy something from the stall and after much deliberation she picked this shrink-it bracelet kit with decorative Mexican skulls on it.

shrink token bracelet

Everything was included in the kit to make your own child or adult sized shrink-it bracelet and it also included a spare token and leather necklace to make a choker too. The only other items you’ll need are a few tools like some scissors, a hole punch and some pliers. Oh and an oven!

The instructions were very clear and detailed with plenty of pictures to guide you along. First my daughter carefully cut out the circle tokens so that they were a nice smooth circle.

make your own shrink it bracelet

Then she measured where the holes needed to be and using a single hole punch made holes for the split rings to fit into later.

Shrinky dink bracelet kit

The shrink-it tokens only take a couple of minutes to shrink in the oven on some baking paper. While they were still warm we placed them between two heavy wooden chopping boards to make sure they cooled down extra flat.

It was a bit hard for my daughter to close the metal split rings herself so I did that part. I found it a lot easier to use two pairs of pliers to enable me to hold them firmly enough to clamp the circle closed. We measured the bracelet on her hand to see how many skull tokens we needed to make the bracelet fit nicely.

DIY kids bracelet kit

It was a fun project to do together and she loves her jewellery even more because she made it. We’ll definitely be getting another kit to do together next time we visit Charlie at the markets!

N.B. I’ve just noticed that Charlie’s Etsy shop is having a holiday until August 20 but please favourite her shop and check back later to see some of her great kits.

Did you have shrinky drinks as a kid? I seem to remember getting them from Pizza Hut when we went as a family for a meal! Does anyone else remember that?

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