Star Wars Crochet – Storm Trooper

star wars amigurumi - storm trooper

It’s been nearly a month since I finished the Master Yoda amigurumi Star Wars figure and he was getting lonely. The next one in the series was a Star Wars Crochet – Storm Trooper. Kind of cute don’t you think?

star wars crochet

The yarn in the pack I bought was enough to make the Yoda and Storm Trooper so I’ll need to work out what yarn I’m going to use for the others. I’m still torn between Chewbacca and the Ewok so it’s safe to say I’m going to need some brown yarn and a bit of red. With the Chewbacca you crochet him up and then brush the yarn to create his fur like appearance. I’ve actually never done this before so if anyone reading this has any tips on what kind of yarn works well it will save me some time working it out. The instructions don’t really give any advice about what brushes up well.

crochet star wars collection

Yoda is still my favourite so far and such a cute size. The Storm Trooper was a bit harder for me as I kept putting this project down and then had trouble finding my place in the pattern again. Then I’d need the black yarn while I was sitting downstairs by our warm and cozy fire and frankly couldn’t be bothered leaving its warmth late at night to find some.

storm trooper amigurumi

I feel I’m going to have to keep going and make all of these so feel free to tune out if you don’t like Star Wars as I LOVE it!

Bring on December 18 when the new one comes out!

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