Sweet Explosion Cake

crumb coating chocolate cake

I’m calling this my “Sweet Explosion Cake”. Do you like the name? I think it pretty accurately describes just what this cake is. I made it for my son’s birthday last week and it was inspired by all the naked and semi naked cakes that seem to be popular lately. They are made a lot for wedding so I wanted to create my own version for our birthday boy.

sweets for candy explosion cake

As it was for a little boy I wanted it to be fun so gathered together a collection and yummy treats and lollies like strawberries, mini oreos, caramel popcorn, maltesers, chocolate clusters,  marshmallows, fruit liquorice, pretzels,  freckles and a chomp bar. I melted some coloured candy melts chocolate and piped some small orange stars and flattened some red chocolate out and cut out some star shapes using a cookie cutter. What a collection of yum!

naked cake

Using a 6 inch round cake tin I baked a chocolate mud cake that rose nice and high to enable it to be cut evenly into four layers. The icing is vanilla buttercream with some caramel colouring which the kids said made it look like peanut butter.

melted chocolate decoration

To add a more height to the cake I melted some red candy melts and spread it out on waxed paper. Using a stiff placemat I folded it so there was an “S” shaped curve and then carefully draped the waxed paper with the melted chocolate over it so that the chocolate would dry into this dramatic shape.

lolly covered cake

When the semi naked cake was ready to decorate this large decoration was the first one to be placed on top by carefully pushing it into the buttercream and the cake enough so that it would stand up tall.

sweet treats cake

Then it was just a matter of placing the different sweets and treats until it looked like enough. Using the dry method I made some caramel and then drizzled it over some wax paper to make a crosshatch pattern (you’ll find lots of great videos on YouTube to do this if you need some instructions).

cake covered in candy

Using some of the left over buttercream I placed a small amount on the backs of the decorations so that they would stay in place. The cake had been refrigerated for a little while before decorating which helped make the buttercream set a bit so that the decorations stayed in place and I put some of the heavier ones like the chocolate clusters at the top. The maltesers really look great cut in half and the orange chocolate stars add some great colour to the cake.

creative birthday cake ideas

We invited the neighbours over for some cake and all the kids thought it was amazing. It was hard to cut due to being so tall so I just took off the larger treats from the top and put them on a separate plate so they could pick which ones they wanted and they all got to pick a sweet or two to go with their slice of cake.

I can’t wait to make this cake again in some pinks and purples and added girly factor. It makes a nice break from all the fondant cakes and is deceptively easy to make so I recommend you giving it a try. Pick the recipients favourite lollies and treats for a personalised birthday cake with a bang.

What’s your favourite kind of cake? Do you make birthday cakes for the family? Do you often end up making your own birthday cake? Would you love to make a cake like this?

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