Etsy Creative Courage Challenge

Etsy Creative Courage Challenge

Have you always thought about opening an Etsy store?

I know I have however something has always stopped me. Maybe it was because I compared myself to others too much or just lacked the confidence in myself to give it a try. Many years ago now before I started my blog I made baby bibs and towels and sold them to friends who had requested them, gave some as gifts and did a few markets. Markets were too hard with a young toddler at the time and I remember at my last market in the Blue Mountains it was the worst weather ever and I fear it put me off having a market stall for life. I just wasn’t cut out for it. Selling online is another thing entirely and probably what has mostly put me off that journey is finding the right product to sell. As I dabble in lots of different crafts I found I was getting bored just sewing and making bibs day in day out. I wanted to make other things as well. Add to that the labour intensive time it took me to make the embroidered bibs and it just wasn’t worth the money. I needed something fun and creative but easy to make and not too expensive.

If you’ve every faced any of these challenges and would like to start selling your creations then there is a fabulous new project that Etsy has just announced which kicks off on the 7th of September. It is a 5 week self paced program led by creative maker and author Pip Lincolne from Meet Me At Mike’s and Cath Young who is a very successful Etsy seller at her shop – My Bearded Pigeon.

These two lovely ladies will help inspire you to realise your creative and professional dreams. The sessions include things like: – finding your creative courage, the basics of opening your Etsy shop, crafting your brand story, finding customers, product photography, time management and working with kids (I need that one!), getting found online and marketing your Etsy shop.

If you’re interested in the Etsy Creative Courage Challenge you can find out more and register at ​All participants who open an Etsy shop will get 20 free listings. How cool is that? The Creative Courage Challenge is free and you get 20 free listings.

I’ve signed up, now what about you? Do you need some creative courage?

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