Finding My Crafty Blogger Tribe

Finding my crafty blogger tribe

When you go to an office job you’re around others that do the same thing as you, work the same hours, put in the same amount of effort and you understand each others ups and downs of the working day.

When you’re a blogger online you don’t get that and the only time I really feel connected like this is when I go to a blogging conference like ProBlogger. I attended my 3rd ProBlogger conference last weekend and it’s the best blogging conference in Australia and inspiring to no end. This year they upped the numbers from 350 to 700 tickets so it was huge. At times I did feel a little lost in the crowd of people trying to find a blogger I wanted to chat to and finding each other was a bit of a challenge at times.

ProBlogger 2015

This year there were more creative types at the conference and being my 3rd time it was less stressful as I knew what to expect. The last 3 years I’ve shared the travel and accommodation with Lisa from Sweet Little Pretties whom I met at a Digital Parents conference years ago through her friend Corrie from RetroMummy. Lisa is as sweet as her blog namesake. She looks out for me, helps me with my luggage (when my boots didn’t fit in my tiny overnight bag she took them for me) and basically is my ProBlogger blogging buddy. Thanks Lisa!

ProBlogger Crafty Tribe

I wanted to spread the love and share some of the other crafty bloggers I’ve either met at the last conference or conferences and events in the past. These gals are all doing what I’m doing and loving it as much as I do. Some don’t have kids, some work full time and some are blogging stars now but all of them are generous and genuine so deserving of a bit of love.

So left to right here are some I’d like to share.

Kirsty – Bonjour Quilts

You’ll find some gorgeous quilts patterns over on Kirsty’s blog like “Diamonds in the Deep” which I’d like to make. Kirsty is a photography lover and in her words “Crazy for all things crafty, especially quilts”. Her photos are clear and directions easy to follow – take a look at the beautiful Big Patchwork Tote bag she made.

Tonya – The Crafty Mummy

Tonya is like me in that she dabbles in lots of different crafts. She enjoys patchwork, quilting, cross-stitch, scrapbooking, knitting, crochet and sewing. She’s making a gorgeous crochet rainbow heart blanket at the moment and started another lovely giant rainbow granny square blanket at the conference which you can see over on her Instagram feed.

Angie – Gnome Angel

The hilarious Angie is so much fun to be around. Her blog which she started in 2008 is filled with her fun personality and you’ll see how passionate and talented she is at quilting. Angie runs some fun sew-alongs like this one The Farmers Wife 1930s sampler quilt sew along and the Super Tote Bag she made to use at the conference was just gorgeous.

Lisa – Sweet Little Pretties

As I mentioned Lisa has been my blogging buddy for a few years now. On her blog you’ll find knitting, book reviews and quilting. Lately she has shared a great little tutorial for an 8 pointed star quilt block and if you’re looking to teach kids to quilt she’s also recently shared some tips on that.

Narelle – Cook Clean Craft

Narelle didn’t make it to the conference this year however was at the last two and made great crafty company. She’s an engineer turned mum of 2 who shares recipes, tips and tricks to keep your house tidy and organised and shares achievable sewing projects like this fun mermaid tail. I need to revisit her Lego Storage post now my son has gone nuts on Lego.

Corrie – RetroMummy

Corrie is a an amazing mum to 7 little cherubs and her blog is extremely popular so I’m sure you’ve seen it but I’m including it here in case you haven’t. Corrie loves knitting as much as I do and also sews, quilts and bakes. Her Quick Banana Bread recipe has been a favourite in our house for a few years now and I’m sure you’ll enjoy her friendly, honest writing.

Corrie was the one who encouraged me to go to a ProBlogger Conference in the first place so I thank her for that and for introducing me to Lisa!

So now I just need to work out a better way to connect with other crafty bloggers more than once a year.

There were other fabulous bloggers there that I met from all all different niches and some more crafty ones that I had short conversations with (I hope to get to know Babs from Patchwork Cactus a little better as we’re practically neighbours!) however these gals above were really my little crafty blogger tribe at the conference and we had a great time hanging out together sharing stories and getting to know each other better. I hope you enjoy having a look at their blogs and finding some new crafty inspiration like I have.

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