My Day At Avoca Beachside Markets

Avoca Beachside Markets

Come and take a look at my day spent with my eldest daughter at the Avoca Beachside Markets, Central Coast.

I always remember some good advice from that show with the large family, ‘Jon and Kate Plus Eight’ on TV back in 2007, when my daughter was only a toddler.

Spend time with each child individually.

I have half the amount of kids as they had, however I think it’s great advice and when I take the time to spend special time with each of my kids, we have the most amazing day together. I learn so much about them and bond on a new level, without siblings competing for my affections.

So the idea is to do something special that they would love, just the two of you. My 10-year old daughter Trinity loves shopping, food and the outdoors, so what better place to go than the Avoca Beachside Markets?

market decorations avoca beach

From the moment we arrived we were greeted with enchanting decorations, friendly welcoming faces and an exciting array of market stalls unlike anything she’d ever seen before.

food at avoca beachside markets

Beautiful French breads / pastries, enticing fresh apples, aromatic spices and sweet treats galore to tantalize us.

Avoca lakeside smoothie

The lakeside location makes this market so picturesque. Some stalls like The Smoothie Co. offer picnic rugs to sit on and enjoy your strawberry serenity smoothie, made by a “Blendologist”, with some gorgeous, relaxing views to enhance your experience.

avoca beachside market stalls

Something that really struck me about these markets – the super friendly people. I’ve been to many markets before where I felt as if I didn’t belong. Didn’t feel hip and cool enough. Not Avoca. There’s only a warm welcome and no glares for browsing too long. Just lovely friendly people enjoying a beautiful day out in the sun.

The markets were dog-friendly too, if you wanted to bring your pooch, and we met some adorable fluff balls who didn’t mind at all having their photo taken.

Music, everywhere enlivened our day, with very talented musicians like Nathan Hawes, who made it on to the “The Voice” recently. I made a lovely new friend Charlie who has a great crafty DIY stall called Charlie 22 Get Creative. We loved her “food” packaging for all her DIY kits. Charlie has done the opposite of us and moved from the Central Coast back to Sydney. You won’t find me doing that!

Creative markets central coast

What made it even better was bumping into part of our extended family. Heath who regularly has a drumming stall for his business “The Circle of Life” which runs drumming, yoga and meditation classes. He also sells a large range of quality African drums, percussion instruments and musical instruments from all around the world. He does lots of drumming for corporate team building events and workshops.

Another infectious smile greeted us, this time from the lovely Bec. I met Bec last year at Kara’s Party Ideas Tour and I’m not surprised how successful she’s been with her amazing creations. She rescues vintage silver plated cutlery and hand stamps them with inspiring quotes and personal messages along with creating some beautiful succulent sterling silver jewellery. You can find her at markets on the coast and Newcastle or at her Etsy shop here.

keep it local avoca markets

Markets are all about keeping it local. Shopping, eating and supporting local businesses who are trying to make a honest living doing what they love.

Gozleme at avoca markets

We love making gozleme for dinner at our place, however we’ll never pass up an opportunity to have the authentic Turkish gozleme at the markets. Yum! To refresh our thirst for market shopping we tried some handcrafted organic Kombucha for the first time and loved it. If you haven’t heard of it before Kombucha is a fermented, slightly effervescent sweetened black or green tea drink that is said to have health benefits due to the probiotics, antioxidants and digestive enzymes. Kombucha Zest had some amazing flavours on tap to try at the Avoca markets, like Mojito and Cranberry Hibiscus. Zesty!

The Big Yellow Bus

If you are coming with little ones, then The Big Yellow Bus looked like great fun and fitness for the kids. There’s plenty of space for them to run around on the large footy oval and the beach is not too far away either.

Avoca Lake

So my day at Avoca Beachside Markets was more amazing by being “our day” and hopefully a day that my daughter will always remember. As difficult as it can be just taking one of your kids out without the others, it is well worth the investment in them. Conversations arise that might not have happened with the others around and they all understand that they will soon get their special time with me doing something that they love too.

You’ll find the Avoca Beachside Markets open every 4th Sunday of the month at Heazlett Park Foreshore, Avoca from 9 – 2 pm. If you want easier parking then park at the Avoca Hotel and catch the free shuttle bus that runs every 15 minutes.


This post was created for part of the Kidspot Voices of 2015 competition where the Craftsmumship is in the top 3 for the category – Home and Wellbeing.

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