Lace Cupcakes

lace cupcakes

Have you ever searched for a quick and pretty cupcake design to make? You should look no further than flexi lace.

I’ve tried out another brand of flexible lace once before for a teapot cake I made however I only had one little mold and the brand I used needed to be cooked in the oven and then you had to wait for it to cool down and set which was all a bit time consuming.

flexi lace

This time I tried another brand called Flexi Lace which was much simpler to use and set firm a lot faster.

pearl white flexi lace

It sure is sparkly and was a bit like a glitter party, I was sparkling all night after my cake decorating!

All you have to do it mix it with water and then spread a thin layer into your lace mats. So easy.

cake lace scraper knife

To be honest the impression mats are not cheap (ranging from about $30 – $60) so I had only ever invested in a small one which limited my uses so this time I borrowed two large mats from a friend. I’m just not sure how much use I’d get out of them to justify the investment at the moment. I believe some cake decorating shops hire them out which is a great idea so might be worth asking your local store if you want to try out some flexi lace. My friend also lent me this special scraper knife to use with her Claire Bowman lace impression mats. It did make it easier to get a nice flat and thin layer of the flexi lace neatly into the impressions. The knife is probably also worth the investment if you were to buy your own mats so that your lace turns out nice and neat every time.

flexible cake lace impression mats

These designs are great as cupcake toppers. Just make your favourite recipe cupcakes, ice them and then place your flexible lace motif on top.

making cake lace

You can also colour the diamond white flexi lace and I put a drop of purple in one lot and teal in another. They are also available in some other colours like silver and gold. The butterflies really remind me of sewing machine embroidery and the coloured motifs remind me of crochet! Probably why I like them so much.

flexible lace cupcakes

Cute cupcakes to make for a girls birthday, for a friend or I’m sure the’d sell like hot cakes at the school cake stall.

There are some other beautiful impression mat designs available like flowers, sequins, vintage bows and very intricate embroidery lace. Have you tried flexi lace before? Do you own any pretty lace molds like these?

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