Quick and Easy Crochet Basket for Halloween

Spotlight logo Quick and Easy Crochet Basket for Halloween

It seems to be the crazy, busy end of year time already and if you’re like me you have only just come up for some air and realised that Halloween is this weekend. Now we aren’t massive Halloween people at our house, however it seems more and more kids at school are doing it so my kids are begging me to join in the fun. We went with some friends a couple of years ago now as we live on acreage so it’s a long (and dangerous without a footpath) walk to the nearby houses. Something I love about living where we do, but not great for kids that want to go trick or treating.

We are still finalising plans for the night so that everyone gets a turn and therefore doesn’t feel left out, however I realised we had nothing to hold the treats.

Moda Vera Jester Yarn

A quick trip to Spotlight saw me picking up some Moda Vera Jester yarn for this project which is 70% acrylic and 30%wool. It was pretty cheap and came in lots of great “Halloween” type colours so perfect for the job.

crochet basket pattern

Two balls of this vibrant lime green was first on the hook and using an adaptation of this free pattern it didn’t take long to make at all. I say adaptation as I just made the basket a tad smaller than the easter baskets from a few years ago by missing a few rows at the top section as I really don’t want the kids having too many lollies. Plus, if the basket is too big it can look too empty if they don’t have much from their door knocking.

crochet trick or treat bag

Once you’ve crocheted the main part of the basket grab some black felt and freehand cut a zig zag mouth, triangle nose and two triangle eyes with that look like a capital letter “A” but without the hole. Pin them to the front side of your basket and then, using a needle and normal sewing machine thread, hand sew them in place. Then finish the basket handle and get the recipient to hold it to make sure it is the right length for them so that it doesn’t drag on the floor (the handle on this one was 38 rows).

jack o lantern trick or treat basket pattern

The craziest faces come out on this boy lately when I go to take his picture but it’s kind of a freaky over-stare in this photo so felt quite Halloween to me.

These baskets would look great in the Moda Vera Jester orange colour or even the variegated one. If your kids are older they may even like to help cut out their own monster or jack-o’-lantern face shapes for their own baskets.

crochet halloween basket

Tell me, do you trick or treat? Do you have some good rules or guidelines you go by? Is it a big thing where you live or are you just happy to have an excuse for some treats in the house and secretly hoping nobody turns up?

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