The Magic Of Three Sisters

camping in the blue mountains

The Blue Mountains was a place of childhood dreamtime for me.

We camped there so often and played boats with little wooden sticks running in the clear Blue Mountains streams… and I used to love listening to the aboriginal dreamtime story of the 3 sisters told at a statue dedicated to them. I remember dropping in a coin and listening to the story told by a distant crackly narrator, with the sound effects of a dreamy didgeridoo playing in the background.

Now I wanted to share my dreamtime place with my three little daughters and son so we took the new Ford Everest up to the Blue Mountains along the long winding roads I know so well from when my Mum and Dad lived in Leura.

katoomba three sisters lookout

Here, the three sisters meet The Three Sisters, (along with little brother). Having never dreamed that I ‘d have three daughters it kind of took me by surprise as I expected to have two kids, a girl and a boy, just like my mum did and that would be that. The concept of sisters was foreign to me, having not had any myself and growing up I tended to hang out with my brother and his friends a lot. Not having to ever share clothes, have someone of a similar age to confide girly secrets to and no sisters joining me at my all girls school left me not knowing what to expect when suddenly faced with three daughters, my very own three sisters.

Eagle Hawk Lookout Location photos

Now that footy season is over, we are free to go and create family memories by taking some road trips and going on adventures, sharing stories and dreams. We found the perfect spot at Eagle Hawk Lookout where we could drive right up and take a photo of our very own three sisters with the legendary Three Sisters in the background.

As a mum of three girls, my hope is to instil some craftiness in all of them, hoping that being around a crafty mum and seeing me create and use my imagination to make new things, they will learn these skills too. Just as they have three distinct personalities, they have three different crafting styles. Daughter number one, the eldest, who we’ll call Meehni for this post, loves art, drawing, reading and particularly loves to play the teacher and read to her sisters. She created her own storybook version of the legendary dreamtime story of The Three Sisters.

homemade storybook about the three sisters

Watch our eldest narrating the magic of three sisters story to her two younger sisters below.

Daughter number two – for this post let’s call her Wimlah – loves to finger knit. She is a very keen crafter and is learning other crafts too, however more often then not I see her finger knitting. I do love driving but I also really love being a passenger in the car as it allows me time to craft so I always keep a knitting or crochet project in the car for when this opportunity arrises. Finger knitting is a great craft kids can do safely in the car on long trips.

Finger knitting in the car

Daughter number three – for this post let’s call her Gunnedoo – loves cakes and baking. We stopped off at the sweetest child friendly cafe and store called The Gingerbread House in Katoomba to fill our tummies before the scenic drive home and get some inspiration for some gingerbread baking back at home.

The Gingerbread House Cafe & Store

Our little boy will not know what it’s like to have brothers however my hopes are that he will continue to be a soft and sensitive boy from growing up surrounded by so many sisters. Maybe he’ll grow up to have three sons of his own, you just never know the way things will work out.

views of the three sisters

At different times and ages they can get along better with one particular sister than another and dynamics are constantly changing. The great thing about a road trip adventure to the Blue Mountains is that with the electronic PowerFold split rear seats they can change their mind about who they are sitting next to and swapping everyone around is an easy push of a button. The second row seats are 60:40 and the back 6th and 7th seats are split 50:50 which also fold down totally flat for fitting all the clothes and change of outfits three sisters will need.

Ford Everest electronic seat folding

In case you already have two daughters are thinking of having more children let me tell you exactly what it’s like to have three daughters. They fight like any brother/sister might fight, they don’t always want to share their clothes or even pass down their favourite outfits to their sister, they still say they are bored and they are extra messy changing outfits several times a day! On the positive side they always look out for each other, stand up for each other, show much love and affection to each other and are genuinely happy for each other’s successes.

my three sisters

Makes me wish I did have a sister or two after all.


As a “Home & Wellbeing” category Top 3 finalist for the Kidspot Voices of 2015 blogging competition I have automatic entry into the #FordThinking part of the competition. This means that Ford Australia have given me a new Ford Everest Titanium for the next 6 weeks to test drive and share 3 posts on my blog. #Voicesof2015 #shareaustralia

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