Top 10 Ways To Exercise With Your Kids

My Workout Routine

Seeing as my “babies” are now 4, 6, 8 & 10, I finally figured that this was my year to get off my bum and try and lose the soft, squishy dimply bits that I’m sure were not there before having 4 kids. Hubby surprised me with a 20 visit pass to a fantastic gym but 3 years later I still have 10 visits left on my membership card! There are just so many excuses not to go and life is always so busy I didn’t make it a priority.

Now that my kids are not really babies anymore I’m able to have a little more time to think about me again. Three of them are in Primary School and our little boy started pre-school this year. I put my kids first but I don’t want to be one of those mums who lets herself go because she never takes care or time for herself. So when I heard that a school mum was doing personal training sessions at the park, I thought I’d give it a go to see if it was a bit more motivating for me and it really is. I’ve finally found something that I find fun, there is always a different exercise or routine for us, it gets me fit and I can just be myself.

Ford Everest Workout Routine

I think there are a few factors that mentally make me want to go. Firstly, I don’t want to let my friend down and now that I have made friends with the other mums in the group I don’t want to let them down either. Plus, when I did miss a week due to a cold it was extra hard the following week so now I really make it a weekly priority. Secondly, the decisions are made for me, I just have to turn up. I don’t have to decide what day, what time, what exercises to do, or for how long. I’ve heard it called “decision fatigue” and I’m sure I totally suffered with it when it came to exercise. As a mum there are so many daily, even hourly decisions to make – what should I cook for dinner, what time should we leave, will they need a jumper, do I want coffee or tea. The more choices you make throughout the day, the harder each one becomes for your brain so when it comes to exercise I wanted to make the fewest decisions as possible.

boxing for fitness

We just rock up at the park at the set time and get on with it.

Funny that two of the mums in the group have the same amount of children in the same order i.e. three daughters and then a little son. The kids come and we set out a picnic rug, bring along a football, some matchbox cars and they play together while we exercise next to them. They never go far away and someone is always waiting back with them if we run around the oval as you can never be too safe. In September I heard some news on the radio that made my heart absolutely sink into my stomach. A toddler had been injured when a 4WD had reversed over him in the carpark. My heart sank as it was the same park we go to and the same time we usually exercise there. I started questioning in my head who was the last to leave? Was it one of our kids? Was he ok? Then I realised it was the day after we went there but it really hit home how that could have been one of the four little boys who play together while we exercise at that very spot.

Ford Everest Reversing Camera

Tragically, more than one third of children under six years of age that are killed in motor vehicle accidents were killed ‘off road’ in yards, car parks and driveways.

The Ford Everest I’m test driving for 6 weeks has a big and clear reversing camera which I absolutely love. I can see far and wide through it which settles my nerves when reversing and I would never buy a car without one now. You hear so many stories and kids are unpredictable and curious and you can never assume there’s nobody there. In the time it takes for you to put your safety belt on, start the car and say goodbye, a child can suddenly be right behind you without your realising. If you don’t know for sure then don’t go, double check first.

steering wheel cover

As a mum of 4 living on acreage, my life is pretty energetic. There are many animals to feed, hay to carry, poo to shovel, lawns to mow, kids to run after. We go from school to activities and sports most days of the week and with a two story house I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve gone up and down the wooden stairs. Then there is carrying groceries, getting kids in and out of the car… it’s an exercise routine in itself! This is probably why I also love to sit back, relax and do some crochet and knitting. To make the Everest really feel like my style I decided to yarn bomb her a bit and crocheted this steering wheel cover. Perfect project to use up a lovely ball of Noro yarn and it was a great project to make in the car on our trip to Coffs Harbour a couple of weeks ago now. You can find the Ravelry details here.

Looking for some fun ways to make fewer decisions, less excuses and actually exercise with the kids? I’m sharing my top 10 to help you get motivated and moving in-between your other exercise routines.

Top 10 Ways To Exercise With Your Kids

1. Dance. Play Just Dance, set up a disco or take turns with the  kids playing some great songs and dance around as if nobody is watching. We have converted our garage to a disco, complete with laser lights, dj decks and a smoke machine. Not only does this help hubby and I feel like we’re still in our 20s the kids love it and it’s a great workout.

kids dancing collage

2. Have “pretend exercise classes”, get the kids involved and take turns “instructing” the others to complete an exercise program.

3. Walk to pick the kids up from school and then they can walk back home with you. If like me you can’t walk all the way home due to no footpaths and busy roads etc. find a good halfway point and park the car there.

walk to school

4. Take a family bike ride. Lots of effort getting a family of 6 ready to go, but well worth it in the end. We have some great family memories of bike rides around Olympic Park and The Entrance.

5. Skipping is such a great fat burner. In fact, I’m sure hoola hooping is great too, if skipping isn’t your thing.

6. Jump in the pool with the kids. Stop worrying about what you look like in a swimming costume and just get in there.

swimming for exercise

7. Take the kids ice skating and put a pair on yourself.

8. Walk the dog. Yep it’s that simple sometimes you can forget.

9. Jump on the trampoline with the kids. A little difficult after having 4 kids but so much fun and a great stomach workout with all the laughs you get when your hair goes all static.

10. Last but by no means least why not get everyone to help you wash the car! Great on a hot day as you get to cool down with the hose too!

Yep no drive through car wash for us, this family always washes our cars “old school style”.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our adventures in the new Ford Everest Titanium as much as we’ve enjoyed making them. Please leave your comments and share with anyone else you think might enjoy them. Lastly I’d like to give a big shout out and thank you to Ford Australia and Kidspot for including me in this competition!


As a “Home & Wellbeing” category Top 3 finalist for the Kidspot Voices of 2015 blogging competition I have automatic entry into the #FordThinking part of the competition. This means that Ford Australia have given me a new Ford Everest Titanium for the next 6 weeks to test drive and share 3 posts on my blog. #Voicesof2015 #shareaustralia


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