Adorable Photos Of The Cutest 6 Day Old Alpaca

newborn cria

This cute little fellow arrived in our neighbourhood 2 weeks ago now, on my daughter’s birthday to be exact. His name is Dante and it was a long 347 days of waiting for him to arrive safely for my lovely neighbour.

Doesn’t he look like a little deer? Just in time for Christmas too!

adorable photos of the cutest 6 day old alpaca

We walked up the road with all the kids to go and meet him when he was 6 days old. I wanted to go sooner however I wasn’t quite ready and I knew as much as I wanted to meet him it would bring up sad feelings of when our alpaca had a stillbirth this year. We had hoped to have a cute little alpaca bouncing around the paddocks however it wasn’t meant to be. It was meant to help me with my cluckiness so when we lost our little cria boy in January this year it was no wonder the feelings still engulfed me.

mother and baby alpaca

Dante is just too adorable! I’m totally in love and we stayed for ages chatting and watching him, his mother and the other alpacas going about their evening. I shed a little tear, had a cuddle with my husband and he promised me we would still be lucky enough to have a baby alpaca one day.

baby alpaca having milk from mum

Dante apparently has milk from his mum all day so I doubt he’ll stay little too long. He is the tinniest alpaca I have ever seen and his multi coloured coat is magnificent. My neighbour has a good range of colours now. She was hoping that the cria would not be white as she has 2 white ones already and Dante didn’t disappoint.

alpaca hairdo photos

Doesn’t Rafael have a great hairdo? Love it when the hair comes out of their ears like this.

They are due for a shear, as are our alpacas however the weather has been so changeable and I’m glad we waited till after the extra little cold snap we had. Our shearer is MIA so I’m trying to find another one and my neighbour was waiting until after the birth to get the shearer over so we might try and do them all together soon.

alpacas central coast

How fluffy is this alpaca? Too cute.

brown suri alpaca

Such beautiful animals. We are very lucky to live on the Central Coast and have enough land to keep alpacas. They really make great pets and are quite gentle on the land due to their small footprint. They also neatly poo in the same piles so they are easy to clean up after too.

alpacas as pets

Love the light in this photo, it was about 5:30 in the afternoon so the perfect time to visit.

cria alpaca

We’ll have to wander down and have another look soon before he grows up too much but at the moment he is all legs.

Welcome to the beautiful Central Coast Dante.


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