Handmade Car Steering Wheel Cover

steering wheel cover

Do you spend long hours driving kids around to school and after school activities? If the answer is yes then this could just be the perfect way to brighten your drive.

When I was recently faced with the challenge of writing some posts for Ford Australia while test driving the new Ford Everest Titanium I just knew as a craft blogger there had to be yarn involved. Not wanting to overdo it and yarn-bomb the whole vehicle I thought that a handmade car steering wheel cover would be the perfect touch. I’ve got to say that so many people commented to me about the crochet cover that I thought, like any craft project I make, it deserved its very own blog post with the extra details.

Noro Kogarashi

This beautiful Noro Kogarashi yarn has been staring at me for the longest time on my Ikea Expedit shelf. A yarn so beautiful it had to wait until a very worthy project came along. This was the perfect colourful base to start the steering wheel cover and it was the perfect car project whilst taking a ride in the beast too.

The pattern I chose was called Steering Wheel Cozy by Hook Candy and I did pay $5.95 USD for it. There were not that many options over on Ravelry when it came to picking a pattern and I liked the crochet shell pattern of this one so bit the bullet and purchased it knowing it was tried and tested with 30 other people making this project previously on Ravelry.

Car Steering Wheel Cover

The other yarn I used for the colourful shells along both sides of the centre Noro yarn was some Morris & Sons Avalon in 10ply in 4 different colours. It fits nice and snug on the steering wheel which is what you want and there is a chain stitch rope you can use to tie it to the steering wheel to make it extra secure. It fits a standard 48 inch steering wheel.

Prettier than one from the auto shop that’s for sure. Maybe you would like to make one in more masculine colours for the man in your life for Christmas.

My time is nearly up for the Kidspot Voices of 2015 competition I’m in with a decision at the end of this month and have under 2 weeks left test driving the Ford Everest. I’d really appreciate any comments over on the blog posts for the competition if you have time. I could win a car for a year and $13,500! I’ll pop all the links below so you can find them easily. Thanks so much for commenting, it really means a lot to me when you take time out of your busy day to help me along.


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Fingers crossed!


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