Star Wars Lolly Bags

star wars lolly bags

Have you noticed how Star Wars has exploded in popularity with the upcoming new movie? Everything is available now to help you create a fantastic Star Wars party. I’ve got a little tutorial for you on how to make these homemade Star Wars lolly bags which will add a nice creative touch to any Star Wars themed birthday party. Making some goodie bags yourself is a great way to save a bit of money on lolly bags so you can fill them with more great Star Wars treats and/or invite a few extra friends to the party.

the chosen one drill fabric

Using this drill design fabric called “The Chosen One” which retails at Spotlight for $19.99AU per metre you can just purchase a length of fabric with has enough Star Wars character emblems to make the amount of lolly bags you need for the guests.

star wars applique fabric

There are 5 different characters to choose from on this fabric. Roughly cut around each of them.

sewable fusable adhesive

Place your emblems on top of the fusible side of some sewable fusible adhesive and cut out the rough shape. Then iron the adhesive so that it sticks to the back of your Star Wars character emblem. Your emblem will be firm enough for you to now cut around the black border to remove the grey part of the fabric.

fusible interfacing applique

Remove the paper backing and they are ready to iron on to your desired colour and size fabric bags.

Using a sewing machine and an appliqué stitch (I used a zig zag stitch with a width of 5.5 and a length of 1.5) stitch around the edge of the fused on emblem to attach it to the fabric bag.

To make the fabric bags I used some co-ordinating navy blue drill fabric and cut out rectangles of fabric measuring 48cmc x 22cms. Overlock or finish all the edges and then fold in half right sides together and sew up one side. With the second side sew from the top only down 1/5 cms then backstitch and cut the threads. Start on the same side and sew down the edge but leave a gap of 2cms so that you can use that hole to thread the cord though later.

homemade fabric lolly bags

Wrong sides together fold the top of the bag down 3.5 cms and sew around the top so that you have an enclosed casing the thread the cord through to enable you to close the top of the fabric bag. It’s easiest to thread the cotton cord if you place some sticky tape around the cut edge so that it doesn’t fray and then attach a bodkin (pictured above) which will help you thread the cord through or alternatively you can use a safety pin. Pull the cord through and cut the length to about 40cms before tying a knot with the two ends together.

star wars goodie bags

The great thing about these little fabric lolly bags is they can be used long after the party is finished. Kids can use them to keep their toys like marbles inside or even their Star Wars figurines. My son has put his Star Wars amigurumi figurines inside his Master Yoda goodie bag.

What could your kids keep inside? Do you love adding a creative and homemade touch to your parties? Have you had a Star Wars party, or are you planning to?

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