Kids Fabric Chair Pocket

kids chair fabric pocket pattern

One more day! We bought early release tickets to see the new Star Wars movie “The Force Awakens” and will be seeing it tomorrow. I’ve read some great reviews already but don’t want to read too much in case there are spoilers!

Following on from my recent Star Wars posts I’ve been doing some more sewing. These kids fabric chair pockets are the perfect project for some drill fabric like this drill design “ships” fabric from Spotlight which is AU $19.99 per metre.  With 2 metres of fabric I made two of them and then gave them to the teacher for her class as a bit of an extra Christmas gift.


sewing ideas for star wars fabric

My daughter had some in her Kindy class so I borrowed one to copy the size and pattern. Basically it is two pockets, one to store books in and the other pocket on the opposite side to go over the back of the chair.

kids fabric chair pocket

They help keep their desks free of clutter which gives them more space as they can store their pencil cases, ruler, workbooks etc. in the back pocket.

making a fabric chair pocket

How do you make them I hear you ask? Let me tell you how and hopefully the pictures will help you too…..

Overlock or finish around all the edges and cut off the selvedge as that shrinks at a different rate when you wash the fabric. Then cut the fabric in half so you can have the right sides of the fabric showing.

Next hem one end of one of your pieces and with the other piece make a seam big enough to insert a bit of elastic to hold the books in. Then with the two sides that aren’t seamed sew them together with the right side of one facing the wrong side of the elasticated side. I enclosed the join so that it looked neat from both the back and the front of the chair pocket.

fabric chair pocket pattern

Then fold the pocket parts up to the centre seam and sew down each side with right sides of the fabric together.

fun things to sew for kids

The elastic doesn’t need to be too tight as it’s just to hold the heavy books in and make it all look a bit neat.

star wars fabric chair pocket

The finished chair pocket should have the right sides of the fabric showing on the top and the bottom pocket like the picture above. Once you get your head around the design it’s pretty easy to sew these up and works really well in the heavier drill fabric.

star wars crafts

I’m sure the boys will be busting to sit at these chairs next year!

If you are trying to use up your stash and you have a metre of heavier cotton fabric why not sew a few of these either as a gift or for your own kid’s chairs at home.

You can find these Yoda or Stormtrooper details here and here, or there is also a Star Wars blanket post and some fun lolly bag ideas if you’re planning your own Star Wars party. Yep we’re going a bit nuts for it around here. Who else is excited to see the new movie?

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