Naughty or Nice Christmas Card



police line up christmas card

After our Christmas card last year was such a hit I knew it was going to be hard to top it but judging from the reactions from our friends and family we may have just done it.

Everyone was extra tired at the end of this year so when we were trying to get everyone together for a sweet little Christmas card wearing some pretty dresses their “naughty” behaviour lead us to change creative tack and create this family Christmas card. We shot it in our garage one person at a time, you know what they say about working with kids and animals! Our beloved Labradoodle Tsubi and our galah Silver also made the “line up” this year. haha

Naughty or Nice Christmas Card


The curlers left in my hair was an idea Miss 10’s had and it made my pic even funnier I think.

I don’t know who is the funniest however if I had to pick it’s probably our little actress and her “if looks could kill” pout whilst holding a baseball bat.

personalised christmas card

We always share some more photos and a bit about what has gone on during the year inside the card too and then have them printed through iPhoto.

It’s always hard to get a family photo with us all and this one is a cracker. We’ll look back at this one and laugh that’s for sure.

Christmas celebrations are about to begin at our house so I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas, special time with your family and lots of “Merry Making”.


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