Butterick Lisette B6168 Dress

Buttercik dress B6168

Last year, as well as challenging myself with more complex knitting projects, I wanted to get back into more sewing. Crafts come in phases just like life does and the last few years I’ve found it harder to find time to sit at the sewing machine and get things sewn so my fabric stash had been sitting here getting lonely. My love of sewing started not with quilting but actually sewing clothes for myself so it seemed appropriate to get back into making some new clothes. The year saw a couple of new items of clothing like the summer jazz dress, this Simplicity dress and the lemon squeeze cardigan.

Lisette B6168 dress pattern

Looking through pattern books I noticed this Butterick Lisette B6168 dress pattern and I loved the neckline so purchased the pattern in hope of using it with some of my exisiting fabric.

homemade Lisette cotton dress

It was made using some Michael Miller 100% cotton fabric which I’ve had so long I couldn’t tell you were it came from however there was only enough to do the shorter tunic version of the pattern. Once it was all sewn up and I tried it on the shorter style really didn’t suit me so I popped to Spotlight with a little swatch of the fabric to find one that would go with it so I could add back the bottom piece of the pattern to turn it back into a dress.

home sewn dress

It’s a nice structured dress which ended up fitting me pretty well. I’m used to stretchy comfy Mum clothes so it feels nice to wear something a little more tailored for a change.

The only problem I encountered (besides changing it from a tunic back into a dress) was with the zip. I used I nice invisible zip however the little tab on the zip pulled off when I was trying the dress on and I re-attached the tab however it came off a second time so I’ll have to see if I can hammer it back on for good.

Lisette dress

The neckline is my favourite part of this dress and these colours are my favourite so I hope to get some good wear out of this dress.

Can you recommend any great clothes sewing patterns? Who is your favourite person to sew for?

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