50th Birthday Cake

50th birthday cake

This is the cake I made for a friend last week who was having a party with 70 friends and family to celebrate his 50th birthday. It was the full shebang with a band, marquee, catering, waiters and lots of Moet.

Guys are always a bit harder to make cakes for so I was a bit nervous when they asked me to make one but I think it turned out really well and this style of cake was a great option for a male birthday cake.

blue ganache drip cake

The colour theme was blue, white, black and silver so I made some bright blue ganache to dribble over the top and drip down the sides Katherine Sabbath style.

It was such a hot couple of days when I made this cake that I had to leave a lot of the decoration until the last minute so that it wouldn’t melt too much. I started off by baking 3 x 9 inch round chocolate mud cakes which took a while as I only had one cake pan and the cake takes 1 hour and 45 mins to bake. The cake wasn’t going to be dessert, as the party was catered, it was going to be a bit of a celebration cake to eat later on in the night. I’m glad I changed my mind and made a bigger cake as most of the cake was actually eaten at the party.

acrylic cake topper

Being a 50th I wanted to make it extra special so I ordered these silver acrylic cake topper numbers from Á la Roche in Newcastle. The numbers are seperate so I should be able to use them again for my son’s 5th birthday or even another friend who is turning 50 soon.

lollies for cake decorating

These are some of the lollies and chocolates I collected to decorate the cake with – blue m&m’s, blue lolly pop, stars, clinkers and silver/white/blue dragees. At the top is some blue isomalt which I melted and used in a silicone mold to make some decorative blue button shapes for the top of the cake.

making chocolate bark

To get some good height on the cake, like the last “sweet explosion” cake I made, I made some chocolate bark. Basically it is melted white chocolate with half of the chocolate coloured blue. Then I smoothed it out onto a baking tray covered with parchment paper and swirled the two colours together with a toothpick before dropping different chocolates and decorations randomly over the melted chocolate. Once this was set I cracked big triangular pieces of the bark to put on top of the cake.

birthday cake ideas for guys

There was also a Toblerone and a bar of milk chocolate stuck in the top of the cake to add some more height along with the lolly pop.

blue modern mens cake design

I removed the white icing in the middle of the mini Oreo’s and replaced it with some coloured blue icing for a bit of fun.


Luckily there was a portable cool room at the party for me to put the cake in until it was time to sing happy birthday and cut the cake or the whole thing might have become a dribbling mess it was that hot.

Everyone ooohhed and aaahhed at the cake and it was very much appreciated which makes it all worthwhile. It’s definitely a lot harder to do cake decorating if the weather isn’t co-operating but I managed to make it work by doing the ganache and lolly decoration on the day of the party. It did make me a bit late however we got to make a grand entrance!

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