Little Cotton Rabbit Ballerina Outfit

Little Cotton Rabbit Ballerina Outfit

Seeing as Easter is upon us I thought it was appropriate to share with you this cute little outfit I made for the Little Cotton Rabbit that I knitted my daughter back in 2013 (details here). When I knitted her she came with a sweet little dress but there are lots of different outfits you can knit for the rabbits as well. Judging by the constantly large washing pile my daughter creates she obviously loves to change outfits all the time, therefore I thought she’d appreciate some more clothes for her toys. Julie Williams has some lovely patterns to knit lots of clothes and other cute little animals like this elephant and adorably cute cat, to name just a few. Having knitted an elephant and a bunny the cat is actually next on my list.

Skein Artisan Yarn Uptown Sock

Using a little sample of Australian Skein Uptown Sock yarn (in Cherish pink) that I was given in a goodie bag for attending The Craft Sessions retreat I set to work on knitting up the cute ballerina wrap top for bunny. It’s really beautiful yarn to knit with that has such soft pretty variations in colour which are perfect for a pretty pink ballerina.

little cotton rabbit ballerina outfit

The top has a tie that goes through a hole in the side seam of the cardigan, just like any size ballerina top. Then you can wrap and tie it around the back.

homemade dolls ballerina clothes

The pattern also comes with instructions to make a little tutu to go with the cardigan for a complete outfit change for your bunny.

Dolls, teddy and bunny sized knits are so sweet and satisfying to knit. They take no time at all and hopefully if you make some your kids will appreciate the extra clothes as much as mine did.

ballerina dolls outfit

All that ballet can be exhausting for little girls and for bunnies!

This makes such a cute gift for a ballet loving child. I made a couple of outfits for their knitted toys as surprise Christmas gifts by knitting them at night when the kids were asleep. I haven’t stopped though and have just made a cute jumper that I’ll share with you sometime soon.

Until then happy knitting and happy Easter!

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