Tapestry Crochet Washcloth

tapestry crochet washcloth

Have you tried tapestry crochet before? This was my first attempt at this style of crochet so I started with a small washcloth as a project. Julie from Little Woolie has some beautiful patterns available on Ravelry here. You can try out this polka dot tapestry washcloth using these directions for free over on her blog to make sure you enjoy this new way of crocheting before you purchase more patterns which is what I did.

polka dot crochet washcloth

Basically you’re using a graph chart to crochet with two different colours and then you carry the non working yarn within the other stitch so it isn’t very visible and you don’t have lots of ends to weave in at the end of your project. The material you make from this kind of crochet is a bit thicker as there are two yarns being used over the whole project instead of just one.

The pack Julie sells on Ravelry contains four tapestry crochet designs – a harlequin diamond washcloth, polka dot, clouds and a heart design called nine of hearts. The patterns are charted and can be used for any weight in cotton yarn as gauge does not really matter for a washcloth. I have seen photos of whole blankets made out of the clouds and hearts and they look amazing if you have the time to invest and enjoy the process. One day I’d like to make one, yes I’m adding it to my long “things I wish to make” (one day) list!

It is not a hard technique to master however I can see now where I went wrong after finishing this one. The hardest part is juggling and swapping between the different coloured yarns and I notice now that if I perhaps gave a little tug on the yarn that I was carrying under before I changed colours it would be a little tighter and a bit less noticeable between the stitches.

tapestry crochet spotted washcloth

This is going to be a little easter gift for someone so I’ll package it up with a few easter goodies. The yellow is so bright and cheerful it reminds me of Easter and little yellow chickens.

Are you keen to give tapestry crochet a try? Maybe you’d like to make one as an Easter gift too.

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