Watercolour Easter Egg Cookies

watercolour easter egg cookies

If you’re looking for something fun and creative to do with the kids at Easter then this might just be it!

Watercolour Easter egg cookies were a big hit at our house and something everyone could have a turn with and at doing to create some unique Easter egg cookies.

sugar cookie dough

Starting with our favourite sugar cookie recipe, which is a fantastic one that doesn’t spread too much so that the cookies retain their cut out shape, we cut out a variety of shapes to both eat and decorate. Baby chickens, some pretty squares, bunnies and lots of egg shapes too.

flooded royal icing white cookies

Then we made some royal icing with a flooding consistency. That means that it is not too runny that it drips off the edge but firm enough to pipe a line that stays still and then fill an open space and after about 5 – 10 seconds it settles flat so that you can’t see any lines. This is something that takes practice and if it isn’t smoothing out before drying carefully add some more water a very small amount at a time. If the mixture is dribbling then you’ll have to empty your piping bag and add some more royal icing to the mixture to firm it up a bit. Practice is the best way to learn but once you learn how it will open up a whole new world of cookie decorating possilbities. Check out some of my previous cookies here, here and here.

painting iced cookies

Leave the flooded royal icing for a few hours to dry firm and preferably overnight if you don’t want to risk messing them up.

Once they are dry you can start to paint your beautiful flat white surface!

watercolour egg cookies

Set up a covered area with a saucer, some paintbrushes, a glass of water and some drops of gel food colouring in different but co-ordinating colours. Then paint those white cookies to your hearts content.

paint your own easter egg cookies

All my kids had a turn (aged from 4 – 11) and they all loved painting their own cookies. Everyone had a different style and if , like mine, they haven’t done much watercolour painting before you’ll just have to remind them to use more water than colour.

kids easter activities

It was a great activity to do on a rainy afternoon and best on a day that it doesn’t matter if some food colouring stains their little hands.

easter kids baking

I love the concentration of my boy and the little pouty lips.

easter cookies with kids

All that is left to do is to wait for the food colouring / paint to dry. They would look really sweet packaged up in a pretty box as a gift. If only we’d started our watercolour easter eggs a little earlier.

watercolour iced cookies

Never mind, there is always next year.

What did you bake or create with the kids this Easter?

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